Colt Cabana’s #7LevelsOfHate: Stage Five Post-Match comments

These are the first post-match comments from former two-time NWA World’s Champion Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana following Stage Five of “Seven Levels of Hate”, a brutal Dog Collar Match where he fell to five-time champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce.

With the series now at 3-2 for Cabana, the bitter enemies will meet in Stage Six, a TEXAS DEATH MATCH, on September 30, 2012 in Salem, OR for NWA-West Coast Wrestling Connection.

Bear in mind that even though Pearce has the title, if he loses one more match in the series Cabana will regain the championship and Pearce must leave the NWA FOREVER!

For event and ticket info:

Series Recap:
Stage 1: 5/13/12 – Glendale, CA – First Blood Match. Cabana 1; Pearce 0.
Stage 2: 6/8/12 – Bridgewater, MA – Boston Street Fight. Cabana 2; Pearce 0.
Stage 3: 7/7/12 – Hopkins, MN – I Quit Match. Cabana 3; Pearce 0.
Stage 4: 7/21/12 – Kansas City, KS – 2/3 Falls. Cabana 3; Pearce1.
Stage 5: 8/18/12 – Bridgewater, MA – Dog Collar Match. Cabana 3; Pearce 2.

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