Chris Jericho made surprise appearence at Vietnam Pro Wrestling! Will he appear at MKW Bash At The Bay 3?

Chris Jericho shocked the Wrestling World – once again – by making a shocking appearence at Vietnam Pro Wrestling: Immortal Glory!

Vietnam Pro Wrestling got a lot of attention by Western & International Fans after Rocky Huynh was the guest on Talk Is Jericho to talk about the Vietnamese Pro Wrestling scene. In the Promo Rocky did in Vietnamese he invited the 8-time World Champion to come to Vietnam – and he did it unannounced! The Immortal Glory event was a historic one itself because it was main evented by the legendary Sumi Sakai & Viva Van – who was responsible for VPW getting a professional Wrestling ring – for the PCW Ultra Women’s Championship.

Now some fans are asking… Where will Chris Jericho appear next? Especially… Will he appear in Middle Kingdom Wrestling in China? MKW will held Bash At The Bay 3 in Shenzhen, China on January 27, 2024! MKW Owner Adrian Gomez & MKW World Champion M.A. were guests on Talk Is Jericho on 2 Episodes few weeks ago. With Chris Jericho appearence on VPW the hopes are high that the legendary & future Hall Of Famer will make his way to China for Middle Kingdom Wrestling too!

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