Changes to Fight! Nation’s Scheduling

With the integration of IPW:UK with Fight Nation and ONE Wrestling, we felt it would be sensible to clarify all the dates we will be running for the rest of  the year, and this unfortunately includes a couple of enforced changes to the schedule which are unavoidable as part of the process we are currently undertaking. Therefore the dates which we will be running until the end of the year are:

Fight! Nation 20th Aug – Swanley
17th Sep – Rochester
22nd Sep – Canterbury
24th Sep – Swanley
4th Oct – Milton Keynes
15th Oct – Tonbridge
21st Oct – Eastbourne
22nd Oct – Swanley
1st Nov – Milton Keynes
12th Nov – Weymouth
19th Nov – Harlow
17th Dec – Rochester
This means we will be continuing to run all venues which have been committed to until the end of the year, whilst working out the full schedule for 2018.
Without going in to full details of every single date which is/isn’t happening, the main change is that we will only be running in Eastbourne once more this year, and 12th August unfortunately won’t be happening. This is due to a number of reasons including a couple of our featured talents now being unavailable (through no fault of themselves or us). Any tickets purchased will be valid for our next event on 21st October, which we can now reveal will feature the return of Impact Wrestling star MOOSE! If you booked for both events on 12th August or are unable to make the new date, please contact us for a refund.
All other venues remain unaffected, and we are sure that we will be bringing the top-quality wrestling you expect to each of the towns listed above. Once again we apologise for the changes, however during this transitional period it is important to make sure we live up to the values you expect from us, and that includes being open and honest about these issues.

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