Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield – Episode 625 | Results + Video

United Wrestling Network’s Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield | Episode 625 | Golden Opportunity Part II of III | August 6, 2023 | Irvine Improv

1. Match
United Wrestling World Tag Team Championships
The Mighty Zaddies (c) defeated Beef Candy
• McCallion hit Slade accidently with the Tag Title

Jeremie McPeek interviewed UWN World Champion Danny Limelight about his title defense against Invictus Khash on this episode. He had some words for the Golden Opportunity participants and Slice Boogie…

Jonny Loquasto is interrupted by The Institution. They want some Championship opportunities.

2. Match
Winner gets a bye at the UWN Women’s Championship Tournament
Savanna Stone defeated Zeda Zhang with her feets on the ropes
• Marti Belle was on commentary. She has a bye too in the tournament.

Beef Candy is arguing about their loss and how it went.

Main Event
United Wrestling World Championship
Danny Limelight (c) defeated Invictus Khash after Jordan Clearwater interfered

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