Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield – Episode 621 | Results + Video

United Wrestling Network’s Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield | Episode 621 | July 9, 2023 | Irvine Improv

Todd Keneley, James Kindcaid & Dustin Starr welcomed the viewers from the Commentary table.

1. Match
Golden Opportunity Qualify Match
Jordan Cruz defeated Rob McKnight
• Dylan Bostic interrupted the winner announcement

Now we see a video about Dylan Bostic by his Production team

Jonny Loquasto cut a promo and talked about the Golden Opportunity 2023 Tournament before he got interrupted by Zicky Dice! He cut a promo on the competition before he took a shot on Jonny Loquasto!

2. Match
Bryn Thorne defeated Mylo

Megan Harmon interviewed Kevin Blackwood, who will make his UWN debut against Jack Banning for the World TV Title. Banning interrupted the scene and cut a passionate promo on Blackwood.

3. Match
24K (Michael Hopkins & Miggy Rose w/ Guy Cool) defeated The Institution (Brendan Divine & Honest John)

Jonny Loquasto informed Kevin Martenson that Tyler Bateman will face him at Golden Opportunity.

Main Event
United Wrestling Heritage Championship
Kevin Martenson (c) defeated Jakob Austin Young
• Kevin Martenson & Bateman ended the show with a staredown on the stage

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