Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has been infested

The Vermin.jpgLast night a new faction was born in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Returning last night were the first PP3 Cup Tournament Winner, Ryan Taylor along side to former Heritage Tag Team Champions Tito Escondito and Johnny Yuma. Taylor was fired when he put his job against Scorpio Sky’s championship and Yuma and Tito both disappeared shortly after Ray Rosas and Peter Avalon won the Tag Titles.

The fans at the Oceanview Pavilion have affectionately labeled Taylor “Cryin Ryan.” Up a top of the production area of CWFH, Taylor with Yuma and Tito interrupted PPRAY while the champions addressed the crowd. Ryan claimed that the championships were meaningless, citing Joey Ryan’s ability to become Television Champion, by just “finding the belt.” He would further insult the CWFH Champions by calling PPRAY the biggest joke of them all. Peter Avalon called them “Trash, Pests, and Vermin.”

Jon Ian’s Executive Assistant, Danielle addressed the 3 men in the catwalk and the 2 men in the ring and said they could settle their score in a 6 Man Tag Match… Which brought out Mikey O’Shea. PPRay & O’Shea made their way up the catwalk as the other trio found their exit.

The final match of the 2013 Television Taping featured the Six Man Tag Match with one addendum, a Hardcore- No Disqualification stipulation. What unfolded could only be described as chaos. There was all kinds of plunder brought into the ring. The match was completely out of control. And amidst the chaos, Johnny Goodtime ran into the ring to assault Peter Avalon. Goodtime’s assault including threatening harm to Danielle (who couldn’t stop the match.) Goodtime continue to beat Avalon into oblivion. It was just a matter of time before The Hobo and Nick Madrid would hit ringside brandishing their own weapons to battle the Four men, who cleared the ring. Side to Side, waiting to pounce, the unthinkable happened.

With one swing of that PVC Pipe, Nick Madrid did the unthinkable.  The lung emptying blow to the chest of the Hobo, soiled the name of Nick Madrid, the consummate “Good Guy.”  For years Nick Madrid was a stand up guy, who the kids looked up too.  For the RockNES Monsters or Ryan Taylor, they are just as comfortable being cheered as they are booed.  This was the first time ever that the fans jeered Nick Madrid.  And Madrid just smiled.

The Vermin have infested Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and unfortunately for David Marquez there is no exterminator who can handle these six men.

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