Championship Wrestling – Episode 624 | Results & Video

United Wrestling Network’s Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield | Episode 624 | Golden Opportunity Part I of III | July 30, 2023 | Irvine Improv

Todd Keneley, James Kincaid & Gilbert Corsey kicked off the show by hyping up the crowd.

Jeremie McPeek interviewed Jonny Loquasto, who hypes the show.

1. Match
Golden Opportunity – Round One
Zicky Dice defeated Jordan Cruz & EJ Sparks

“The Golden Boy” Jordan Clearwater cut a promo about his path back to the World Championship with the Golden Opportunity tournament.

The Bodega is backstage and Danny Limelight is ready to beat Invictus Khash. Papo Esco is ready for the Bodega Street Fight. Danny wants to talk with Loquasto about a title shot for Slice… A Heritage Title shot.

2. Match
Golden Opportunity – Round One
Jordan Clearwater defeated Rocco Belagio & Ju Dizz

Jeremie McPeek interviewed Invictus Khash, who will challenge for the World Title next week. He explained why he wanted his shot at Golden Opportunity!

Jonny Loquasto got confronted by The Mighty Zaddies about the replacement of the World Tag Team Titles Match. Beef Candy got into the scene and they got into a argument. McCallion mentioned that he has a trick…

3. Match
Golden Opportunity – Round One
Slice Boogie defeated Evan Daniels & Sledge /w Halston Boddy
• after the Match Jeremie McPeek interviewed Slice Boogie and questioned if his Golden Opportunity participation will hurt The Bodega

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