Championship Wrestling – Episode 623 | Results + Video

United Wrestling Network’s Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield | Episode 623 | July 23, 2023 | Irvine Improv

Commentary: Todd Keneley, James Kincaid & Gilbert Corsey

1. Match
Golden Opportunity Qualify Match
Jordan Clearwater defeated Guy Cool

Zicky Dice had some talk with Jonny Loquasto about the Golden Opportunity. The Outlandish One talked bad about Rocco Bellagio, who stood right behind him. They didnt get physical.

Megan Harmon interviewed Savanna Stone who had some words for Zeda Zhang. They will face again at Golden Opportunity and will face Brittnie Brooks on this episode.

2. Match
Brittnie Brooks defeated Savanna Stone via DQ
• Zeda Zhang attacked Savanna Stone after the match

3. Match
Open Challenge
Dylan Bostic defeated Mikey O’Shea

Jonny Loquasto is on the phone before he got into a talk with The Mighty Zaddies. He informed Bad Dude Tito, that Invictus Khash will cash in his Red Carpet Rumble win at Golden Opportunity – which lead to Bad Dude Tito getting angry. He got his hands on Loquasto but Shane Haste & Che Cabera dragged Bad Dude Tito out of the situation.

Main Event
United Wrestling Television Championship
Jack Banning (c) defeated Kevin Blackwood
• after the Match Papo Esco came out and challenged Jack Banning to a Bodega Street Fight for the World TV Title on the line at Golden Opportunity

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