Championship Wrestling Episode 580 Results | UWN News

United Wrestling Network’s Championship Wrestling presented by CarShield | Episode 580 | Commerce Casino

1. Match
Kevin Martenson defeated Atticus Cogar

El Primohenio had enough and called out Lord Crewe to a fight!

2. Match
El Primohenio defeated Lord Crewe w/ Halston Boddy after the outside interference of Dom Kubrick

Jack Banning cut a promo for Divine in a Interview Segment with Jeramie McPeek about the match vs. Ju Dizz!

3. Match
On Commentary: Zeda Zhang
Savanna Stone defeated Candy Girl
‚ÄĘ Savanna Stone had some words for Zeda Zhang after the Match

Jeramie McPeek interviewed The Embassy and their dominant Title Reign.

Main Event
Ju Dizz defeated Brendan w/ Jack Banning

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