Championship Wrestling Ep. 580 Power Ranking

After Lord Crewe’s path of destruction at his match last week El Primohenio Trebeca had enough and called out Lord Crewe to a match – which he accepted! It looked like Crewe will destroy another opponent but thanks to Dom Kubrick’s interference El Primohenio Trebeca scored not only a huge upset but also his first win in the United Wrestling Network! This also marked Lord Crewe first pinfall loss in United Wrestling Network!

Ju Dizz accepted Jack Banning challenge to take on every Institution member to get to Banning last week and took on Divine in the Main Event. Honest John nearly interfered in the Match but that didn’t The Black Rose to walk out as the winner of this match! 1 Down, 2 To Go! Can he beat all Institution members to get to Jack Banning?

Kevin Martenson is on a winning streak right now. First beating Fidel Bravo a few weeks ago and at this weeks episode he defeated Atticus Cogar. We know that he’ll have a Championship opportunity against United Wrestling World Television Champion Jordan Cruz in the upcoming weeks which put him into 3rd place this week!

Since joining forces with Reka Tehaka & Alex Gracia the “Unbreakable” Savanna Stone has been on a winning streak. She defeated Mylo after Golden Opportunity and beating the returning Candy Girl this week. She had some words for Zeda Zhang – who was on commentary for this match. Is United Wrestling Network her territory?

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