Champions retain at Beers Burgers Bateman + 2 Matches added to Critical Beatdown | LVL UP News

After that Saturday’s BEERS BURGERS BATEMAN we know that Jordan Cruz will head to LVL UP Critical Beatdown as the Level Up Champion. He defended his LVL UP Championship in a Scramble Match against B-Boy, Hunter Freeman, J2 Mattioli, Fabrizio Mamba & Michael Hopkins.

After that his second Championship Defense has been announced. Jordan Cruz will defend his LVL UP Championship at LVL UP Critical Beatdown against “The M.A.W.” Michael Hopkins!

Ju Dizz retained his Ground Zero Championship against CJ Tino at Beers Burgers Bateman. Therefore “The Black Rose” is now at 5 Title Defenses since winning the Championship from Hunter Freeman.

His next scheduled Championship Defense will be against The Enterprise’s Cameron August in October at LVL UP Critical Beatdown!

Meanwhile CJ Tino will face “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy in a Teacher vs. Student Match at LVL UP Critical Beatdown!

LVL UP Critical Beatdown will held on October 1, 2022 from Attitude Brewing Company in San Diego, California.

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