Interview with Thunder Rosa

In cased you missed it the NWA Woman’s Champion appeared on the our podcast to talk about her journey from college graduate to the hottest woman’s wrestler on the planet. And we talk about the past, present, and future of @ThunderRosa22

Interview with David Marquez

David Marquez is completely transparent in this interview going into depth about how he got started into the business working with Gordon Solie and Harley Race before returning to Southern California to work with Rick Bassman with UPW, Rob Black and Kevin Klienrock of XPW, and Gary Yap with EPIC. David talks about how he became involved with New Japan Pro Wrestling, the beginnings of NJPW USA, becoming a full fledged member of the National Wrestling Alliance and how he tried to lead a New Japan buyout of the 72 year old brand. David speaks about what ended the NWA/TNA relationship.

Interview with David Lagana

Unfiltered, transparent, David Lagana speaks at length with candor and honesty. Jay has been on the ground floor of Corgan’s Vision of the NWA.

Lagana addresses the growth of the NWA, the controversy with James Cornette, his vision of the NWA going forward, and some of the rumors he’s even heard about himself.