Carson: Main Event Heavyweight ChampionI was saddened to hear of Houston Carson’s retirement from the ring due to injury. I would wish him luck going forward, but he doesn’t need it. You see…Houston is a winner…a hard worker…a person who perseveres…a person who never gives up. I have faith that he will be successful in anything he puts his mind to as he moves on.

I have good reason to feel that way. When I first met this young man (at a small show in Sequin that I was ring announcing at…this is prior to my promoting days), he made an impression on me, and gave me every reason to have faith in him. The way he carried himself, the way he performed, the way he conducted himself. Yes, he was young, but there was something special about him.

When I started promoting in Cypress, TX, I brought him in and fans immediately got behind him. He wasn’t wrestling all over Texas and the rest of the country at this time. But when he hit the ring in Cypress, he did so in spectacular fashion…he carried himself like a real pro.

When I needed a young tag team to step up and make a run as Texas tag team champions, that team was built around Houston. Even though he was young and didn’t have a lot of experience, I knew he could get the job done, and boy did he.

After he wrapped up his tag team run, we needed someone to feature in the main event, he stepped up to the plate (long before he was main eventing everywhere else) and hit it out of the park. The feud he had with Jasper Davis is one of the best programs we ever ran…no titles involved…just great performances that the fans loved every minute of.

When we gave him a chance to carry our heavyweight title, he did so as well as I could have ever wanted.

When we needed someone to step in the ring with one of the world’s finest professional wrestlers (Satoshi Kojima of New Japan Pro Wrestling), I knew who that someone should be. He didn’t let us down. I remember Kojima being very impressed by the young Lion that night…he told me so after the match.

I watched him perform when I knew he was grieving…but he always performed like a champ. No matter the circumstances, Houston Carson is a rock…a guy you can count on…a guy who will exceed your expectations…a guy who is a pleasure to be around.

I could offer many more reasons why I had, and continue to have, faith in Houston Carson….but no need. Houston has continually showed us why…and will continue to do so…just in other ways now.

Thanks for everything you did for us and our fans. Everyone at Lone Star Championship Wrestling are better for having known you, for having worked with you and having watched you perform. Now as you move forward, we don’t wish you luck, we congratulate you in advance, as we all know you will excel and achieve everything you put your mind to.

Thank you Houston Carson!
(Tony Brooklyn)

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