Canadian Wrestling’s Elite welcomes the returning Chase Owens

Breakout New Japan Star Returns To CWE With Sights On CWE Title.Bullet Club Chase Owens

Literally right before he would catch his first major overseas break the ultra talented “Crown Jewel” Chase Owens made his Canadian wrestling debut and found his home North of the American border in Canadian Wrestling’s Elite.

For almost 4 years regardless of where he gone, goes, or titles he has won, the now member of the red hot Bullet Club Chase Owens continues to be quite possibly CWE’s MVP year in and year out with an incredible body of work that has seen very few blemishes in the forms of losses on his record but even more impressive is the fact he has scored pin fall wins over not only ever major CWE star in the company but nearly every major international star that has has guested on tour with the company.

It is hard to deny his claim of being the “best pound for pound wrestler in the world” when just in the last year alone he has won CWE’s prestigious Elite 8 Tournament bu winning 3 matches in one night and co-winning the 50 man Rumble To Remember to earn himself a shot at the CWE Championship, the one thing that has alluded him during his time in CWE.

On June 1st at CWE’s 9th Anniversary Show Spectacular in Winnipeg, Manitoba The Bullet Club’s “Crown Jewel” Chase Owens looks to finally fulfill what he believes to be his destiny and that is capture the CWE Championship and defend it around the world.

With his 3 opponents in what is being considered by many the biggest main event in CWE history for the CWE Championship, CWE Champion “Canadian Hercules” Tyler Colton, “Hotshot” Danny Duggan, & “The Canadian Crusher” AJ Sanchez all competing on nearly the entire tour, Chase Owens has cleared as much of his international and New Japan schedule he possibly could to compete on a large portion of the 9th Anniversary Tour to be right in the thick of the title picture going into the big match.

There isn’t many who wouldn’t agree that Chase Owens is as cocky and arrogant as it gets but it can not be denied regardless of if it is fueled by ego, confidence, or whatever you want to claim it to be Chase Owens is putting his money where his mouth is and competing on as many dates he physically can be in Canada for in preparation for this match when his other international commitments could very well keep him away from doing so.

Having all four men in the biggest anniversary show championship match main event in the history of the company on a large portion of the tour together not only means these events are going to likely be the best top to bottom events the company has ever produced on tour but it is certain these four men will collide multiple times whether it is scheduled in a match or not as they jockey for position and an advantage going into the big title match on June 1st!

“The Crown Jewel” Chase Owens can be seen on the following 9th Anniversary Tour events,

May 24- Calgary, AB
May 25- Medicine Hat, AB
May 26- Assiniboia, SK
May 27- Regina, SK
May 28- Estevan, SK
May 29- Virden, MB
May 30- Souris, MB
May 31- Morden, MB
Jun 1- Winnipeg, MB
Jun 2- Thunder Bay, ON
Jun 3- Sault Ste. Marie, ON

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