Cabana vs. Pearce – #7LevelsOfHate: Stage Six Highlights

Colt Cabana and “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce have battled literally from coast-to-coast in the wrestling’s undisputed 2012 “Feud of the Year”. On September 30 in Salem, OR they once again left it ALL in the ring for Stage Six of “Seven Levels of Hate”, a TEXAS DEATH MATCH for NWA West Coast Wrestling Connection.

After a shocking end to the bout, Adam Pearce was able to retain the vaunted “ten pounds of gold” again and has drawn the series even with the combatants now tied at 3-3.

Now the series goes international as it enters it’s seventh and FINAL stage, the legendary STEEL CAGE MATCH, on October 27, 2012 in Berwick (Melbourne), Australia for NWA Warzone Wrestling. It all comes down to this: If Pearce wins, he validates himself and proves he was right all along; if Cabana wins, Pearce not only loses the title and the series, but he must leave the NWA forever.

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