Brutal Bob Evan’s Guide to be a $500K Indie Guy…

13612196_10153661591452765_7488526457198916161_n$500k being an indie guy.

Don’t tell me it’s impossible because it’s not.

This is quick and dirty. This is a guide. But I felt I had to write it. Please use it as a guide; not a textbook. I’m not perfect. I’m sure there are misspellings. Bear with me.

However – I’ve been called out. Challenged. Called a “con-man” because I’ve actually tried to make us responsible for earning $500k in wrestling.

Here’s your guide. For free.

I don’t usually divulge this. Not because it’s a secret. It’s because it’s not new information. If you read my posts I’ve described it as exceedingly boring.

PLEASE NOTE: It takes a LOT of hard work and a SPECIAL person to do this. You will cry. You will be hurt. You will doubt yourself. You will also come out a winner if you can follow the plan.

A few things I’ll mention.

1. You can do this with ANY part-time job. But you’ve all asked me how to make money in wrestling. And wrestling can accelerate your income exponentially.


1b. The first year or two – You may have to increase your hours at your “regular” job or take another one part-time to help finance your wrestling. Remember this is a calculated move to help transition you into wrestling as a really good part-time job or full-time job.

2. You MUST invest wisely and think LONG-TERM. You can’t buy stock in a Ukrainian field hockey team and expect to be okay. This is a “get-rich slow” plan.

3. This isn’t for everybody. It will take sacrifice, persistence, constant improvement, and determination. You will have to hustle.

4. This also isn’t a perfect system and my financial advice won’t be 100% accurate. But I’ll show you, even if my margin of error is off by some, you’ll have something to show financially for your wrestling.

Okay, here we go.

I respect the hell out of weekend warriors. But this is more for guys/girls who want to work 100 matches a year. It’s possible to do this. HUSTLE.

To do this, we’re going to have to travel and wrestle. A lot. You are going to suffer some losses in the beginning. I’m going to assume a $30 payoff but you’re going to work at least. twice in a weekend from now on.
–First thing – get a your mind around you being a business and how you are the guardian of it. AND I REPEAT – GET AWESOME AT BEING A PRO WRESTLER. Practice constantly. Study the greats. See who’s making money now and how they’re doing it. What’s YOUR version of what they’re doing?
–Pick up double shots when you can. If you can work 4 shows a weekend, do it. I will not take them into consideration in my examples but it helps you get to your goal faster.
–WATCH YOUR EXPENSES LIKE A HAWK. Especially in the beginning. Always travel with at least one person in the car, preferably all 4 seats should be filled up. Your gas price goes from $2.40/gal to 60¢/gal with 4 guys. Remember, your job from now on is to come home with as much money as you can. Make and being your food. Stop as few times as possible to avoid temptation.
–You can buy color copies at Staples for 60¢ apiece and probably cheaper online. You can immediately sell them for $5. And you will.
–Get shirts done as soon as possible. People love t-shirts. You can get them for $6-8 sometimes cheaper and sell them for $20.
–Do all the LEGAL BUSINESS stuff. Declare yourself a sole proprietorship. Write down all your miles traveled. Keep track of all expenses on the road.


–Because you will be investing on paper and also the tax benefits you will enjoy your first couple of years as you get your business off the ground will help you greatly. I’m telling you to drive every week for wrestling. You could easily be driving 20,30,40 thousand miles a year. As long as you track it legally, you can write all those miles off. And a lot of other stuff, as well. Again, I’m not an accountant but you should save all of your receipts.
–I never said you would stay at the $30 payoffs. Since you’re getting good at wrestling, the payoffs should increase slightly on a consistent basis. Plus, you’re traveling everywhere so you’re proving your worth. I would say it’s not a stretch to increase your payoffs from an average of $30 to an average of $50/show in a year. You can sell two pictures a show and one shirt a show on average. So that’s $80 a show now almost immediately. $160 a weekend if you only do two shows a weekend. But it won’t stay that way. You should, provided you’re getting good at what you do, should have that cranked up to $100 a show pretty darn soon so that’s $200 a weekend. Many (MANY) guys have done better so I’m keeping your average at $200 gross on a weekend.

So I’m going to assume you did what I told you and you’re working 2 shows a weekend. Remember, you’re good at pro wrestling and your business. So you slowly start increasing your income. Slowly. 1-2 pics a night turns into 3-5. One shirt every two shows turns into one shirt per show. This is important as the paydays will stay relatively the same, but the merch sales can go up. Get a following. Offer them online. My first 2 dozen shirts were sold online. Track your sales. See what sells better and do more of it.
So now your income has increased. You’re now almost immediately making more money.
Right now, I’m asking you to invest every cent you earn in wrestling. Even if you didn’t CLEAR $200 on a weekend, I’m asking you to put that in a good strong mutual fund. You should, with some smart advice, get 8% on your money.
This is where your part-time job floats you for a few years while you’re working on making that $200 pure profit. You WILL run negative for a year or two. That’s okay. MAKE SURE YOU WRITE DOWN ALL YOUR MILES AND EXPENSES AND KEEP RECEIPTS. You can show a loss to the IRS legally for 3 years. You won’t need that much time. The money you spend in the beginning will come back to you at tax time. Again: I’m not an accountant but it DOES work this way.
–So now you’re investing $200 a weekend (conservatively) every week. I’ll even give you two weeks vacation! I say conservatively because I haven’t factored in you doing ANY better than $200 a weekend the first year. If you’re getting good at being a wrestler you can SMASH these numbers. But let’s keep it at $200 for the first year.
$200 x 50 weekends =$10,000
Now, let’s say you get a tiny bit better and make an extra $50 a weekend $25 a show) for the next ten years.
Year 2: $250 x 50 =$12500
Year 3: $300 x 50 =$15000
Year 4: $350 x 50 =$17500
Year 5: $400 x 50 =$20000
Year 6: $450 x 50 =$22500
Year 7: $500 x 50 =$25000
Year 8: $550 x 50 =$27500
Year 9: $600 x 50 =$30000
Year 10: $650 x 50 =$32500

After 11 years, if you invest well (not genius levels of investing here – just well) in a solid mutual fund with a good track record getting 8% interest, you’ll have approx $511,000.

But even if you think this wrestling stuff isn’t for you, and quit after the first year. $10000 after 20 years getting 8% is approx. $46k. Something to show from wresting!!

Remember – I haven’t factored in anything except you working your ass of and doing great at wrestling on the indie level. You’ll be traveling every weekend. It’s not for everybody. But I also haven’t factored in you catching on with a major promotion paying you MUCH better than a couple hundred bucks a weekend.

But even if you worked once a weekend and applied the same principals, you’d be at approx $250k after 11 years. It’s not all the money in the world, but you have something to show.

I’m not a mathematician or an accountant. My numbers may even be off a bit. But the goal is slow, solid, and unshakeable consistency in investing. You will have to really watch your expenses and maximize your profit.

But that’s what you would do in a real business, isn’t it?

So that’s what you are now.

I love you. Here to serve.

Hope you make that half a mil.


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