Breaking Down The NWA Fusion Tag Team Tournament

Back in May NWA Fusion GM Spencer Chestnutt had no choice but to strip then Fusion tag team champs Jefferson Early and Zak Hilton, better known as A1 as the titles hadnt been defended in months. Chestnutt then announced a tournament to crown new champions beginning in July. As soon as A1 got word they had been stripped they were on the phone pleading for their belts back. Chestnutt told them if they wanted them back they could enter the tourney and earn them back. This past Saturday A1 became the top seed in the tournament as they beat Outlaw Ink and Da New Bloodz in a Triple Threat match.

Early Sunday the brackets were announced and below I will give my predictions on the first round matches and how I think the entire tournament will play out. Keep in mind these picks are just my opinion.

Upper Bracket:

Aden Chambers & Brandon Day vs Da New Bloodz. This is a very interesting matchup. The ever popular Day and the not so popular Chambers have never teamed together but were teammates and came up together in The Team Taz Dojo. Day has insisted they both only care about winning and that will carry them through any problems they may have of being on the opposite side of the rulebook. Da New Bloodz are a veteran team and are former champs and with their high flying style always seem to be in every match. With that being said Da New Bloodz while the more experienced team will have their hands full with 2 of Fusions most talented stars. In the end I think the power of Day is the difference.
Prediction: Aden Chambers & Brandon Day

Outlaw Ink vs Larry McCale & Stephon Smith

Smith & McCale were on top of the Fusion world last year as they defeated A1 in a huge upset to win the tag title. Since that time however they have struggled to gain traction.
Outlaw Ink which consists of veteran Sam Bass and Ryan Nuzzi are a relatiively new team but have enjoyed success together in their short time as partners including a win over McCale & Smith and Da New Bloodz at Shanghai Showdown in April. This one could go either way but I think the hotter team prevails. Prediction: Outlaw Ink

Pat Cusick & Ryan Zane vs Lou Marconi & Cueball Carmichael. Cusick and Zane are Fusion regulars yet arent regular partners. The veteran Cusick has taken the young and ever improving Zane under his wing. Marconi & Carmichael made their Fusion debut last Saturday and it didnt take long to make an impact. Carmichael destroyed young Brandon Scott then later in the night attacked Cusick during his and Zanes tag team match. Marconi while in a losing effort took Preston Quinn to the limits and definitely left an impression on the fans. While new to Fusion Marconi & Carmichael are both veterans of the sport and have been friends for years. A fact that might be lost on some Fusion fans. In the end of what I think will be a hard fought battle I think experience is the difference. Prediction: Carmichael & Marconi

A1 vs. Big MC 123 & Roo Dee Lewis. One team is arguably the greatest in Fusion history. The other to my knowledge havent ever teamed. Big MC has become the whipping boy of NWA Fusion and while he has now found a partner and has said they will be the next champs I see no way without some major shenanigans that A1 doesnt win easily. Prediction: A1

Semifinal #1
Chambers & Day vs Outlaw Ink

This has the makings of a tag team war. Two teams who are new together yet already making a name for themselves. Despite the presence of Chambers the fans should be behind him for no other reason than Day is his partner and Outlaw Ink has quickly became one of the most hated acts in Fusion. As for who wins. I think the same thing that gave Outlaw Ink the victory in the first round will be their downfall this time as Bass” cowbell misses its target. Prediction: Chambers & Day

A1 vs Marconi & Carmichael. This one could get interesting as Carmichael has said he,will do anything to help NWA Continental Champ ” The Mempho Mofo” Mark Bravura and has proven that by attacking Cusick. But will he be willing to help out the champ when he and Marconi are faced against the Mofos partners in the Rapture A1? I cant see it happening. Carmichael & Marconi will not lay down for anyone and will show their young and brash opponents just what old school wrestling is all about. The key to this matchup lies on the outside of the ring in the form of Marcus Dowling. The manager of A1. He has had a hand in more than one of A1s victories and it might take just that for A1 to survive. Prediction: A1 with lots of help from Dowling

Finals: Chambers & Day vs A1

This one if it comes to fruition has the makings of an instant classic. There is no love lost between A1 and Day as A1 put Day on the shelf last year only to have Day come back under a mask as HURT and torment A1 for months before finally revealing is identity in April in a dismantling of Early. In this match A1 would obviously have the experience factor but by the time they would have reached this point Day & Chambers should be clicking on all cylinders. In the end Day gets even more revenge on A1 as he keeps them from winning back their titles. Prediction: Winners and New NWA Fusion Tag Team Champs. Brandon Day & Aden Chambers

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