Bon Voyage Scott Brown…

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately for the Alliance, today is the day we say goodbye to our friend Scott Brown.  Scott is a really good dude.  I first learned of Scott when he retweeted one of our news updates.  At first I figured he was just a fan, but I soon learned he was writing about the NWA on his own.  Doing bi-weekly columns “Around The Alliance” and “Ten Pounds of Gold” I knew he would be a perfect fit for this site.

Apparently others were keen to my way of thinking.  Scott has been invited to be part of the NWA Website Staff and will be featured in their Magazine.  From reading his work, I knew he was extremely knowledgeable and a very talented writer.  But since our partnership, I’ve come to know Scott Brown the human being.  I’m so more impressed with who he is as a person, what he’s endured, what he continues to endure, and how strong he is.

Thanks for our beneficial, albeit short, partnership Scott and I wish you the best on all your future endeavors.

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