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In late 2002, a skinny, lanky, quiet spoken young man walked into the first Dynamite Factory in Maddington.

After three and a half months of intense training, he made his debut in a four way elimination match. Despite being the first man eliminated from the match, BobbyBadBlood made quite an impression on fans and wrestlers alike.

Over the coming years, he developed into one of the most promising wrestlers in EPW. His team with Chris J Lazareth, the Genetically Superior Team, went on to have two reigns as the EPW tag team champions.

After a trip to America in 2006, Bobby returned, determined to try and make it as a singles wrestler. Despite not walking away the winner, Bobby was able to enhance his reputation with a stunning performance against Jimmy Payne at RE-AWAKENING V.

A rematch led to a ladder match which could be considered the single greatest bout in EPW history.

But despite all his achievements, Bobby was garnering a reputation as a man who choked when the gold was on the line. Though out 2006 & 2007, Bobby lost no less than four championship matches.

All that finally changed on February 16th, when he walked out of Goldrush with the EPW championship around his waist. caught up with the newly crowned champion prior to the Monday Night Wrestling TV Tapings last weekend.

EPWPERTH.COM: Bobby, firstly congratulations on finally claiming the EPW championship.

MARSHALL: Thanks very much and let me just say that it’s been a long time coming. Although, I might point out that I don’t appreciate the way you used the word “finally”. I do agree that I could’ve been the champ some time ago. However, due to circumstances outside of my control, that didn’t end up happening. The past is past and the future is looking very bright indeed.

EPWPERTH.COM: What do you think made the differences to the other four championship matches that you lost?

: OK, look. This better be the last time I ever have to go back on the last period of my life. I’m the champ, ok? Surely we should be talking about the future, not the past. It takes more then 3 seconds to win a wrestling match and the same can be said for losing one.
In each of my previous championship bouts I lost the smaller battles during the match. I got a over eager and tried to put my opponent away too early. Instead of focusing and taking my time on doing what was necessary to get the job done, I just tried to win. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my time but that�s probably the most important one. Do whatever you can to win the match and nothing else matters. Sure, god will probably judge me when it�s all said and done. But if I can achieve more then just getting nailed to a piece of wood, then maybe when my times up and I bust on through those pearly gates I’ll be taking a seat on his right side for everything I’ve done. Results matter. How you get the results����Not important. Just get it done.

EPWPERTH.COM: Now you claimed the belt in controversial circumstances. What do you have to say to those that think you are an undeserving champion?

MARSHALL: There is no way that anybody, anywhere can say that I’m an undeserving champion. I�m the best champion this company has ever seen. I’ve wrestled the biggest stars in pro wrestling. I’m 6’4, 245 pounds and getting bigger every day. I live life like a champion! I AM A CHAMPION! To those people who say that I don’t deserve to be champion, GET F#$@%*!
How’s that? How about they take a look at my track record? Look at the great matches I’ve had? Think about the legacy I’m going to leave behind? This is not my peak. I will not stop until I am worshipped as being the greatest champion EPW has ever seen. I am the best wrestler in this country and for anybody to call me an undeserving champion is a disgrace. I’m mad. That makes me real mad. I’m sick of not being treated with respect. Winning this belt was supposed to change all that. I�ll be damned if I’m not given the respect I deserve. Next question.

EPWPERTH.COM: You’ve recently added another member to your ever growing posse in JT. What is your interest in AZ & JT?

MARSHALL: Look, lets face it. America is beckoning me. I won’t be in EPW forever so I’d like to leave a little something behind for people to remember me by. These 2 guys have great attitudes and unlimited potential. Look who they’ve aligned themselves with in the past? Chris Vice & Justin Sane? They weren’t going anywhere with those guys. Under my tutelage the sky is the limit for these two boys. Just you wait and see.

EPWPERTH.COM: Another person whose company you’ve been seen in recently is the gorgeous Amber. Who is she to Bobby Marshall?

MARSHALL: She is one of the many benefits of being a great champion. She knew it was only a matter of time before the gold was around my waist. Thanks to her, that gold won’t ever be lonely, if you know what I’m saying.

EPWPERTH.COM: You’ve finally achieved your goal. What now for Bobby Marshall?’

MARSHALL: As I said earlier, I’m on a mission to get respect. Not any old respect. Not the respect people have for an old man rotting away from some disease accepting his impending death. I’m talking about the respect people have for the men of this world who know what they want and just take it. I will win my respect with victory upon victory in the EPW ring. The days of Bobby Marshall not being able to get the job done are at an end. EPW can stop worrying about trying to find a #1 contender, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be putting this strap up for grabs. I will seek out my own desired opponents who I think will make the deepest notches in my bedpost so to speak. The stalwarts of EPW, the legendary figures who made this fed great, the best wrestlers from around Australia, anyone whom I deem has a legacy worth taking, I will offer them a chance at glory just so that I can crush them down and prove my worth. I will be the single greatest champion this town has ever seen and I will do that by destroying the men who are seen as being the best. The fans of Perth haven’t seen anything yet.

: Thanks for your time & the best of luck for the remainder of 2008

MARSHALL: Luck is for losers. I’m a champion now. Take your luck and piss off.

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