Bobby Eaton has passed away

Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey at NWA Crockett Cup Q&A 2019

“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, most known from wrestling for JCP and WCW has passed away at the age of 62. The personification of tag team wrestling, Eaton dominated in the 80s. He would hold titles in the AWA and the National Wrestling Alliance. Eaton would team with Dennis Condrey and later Stan Lane as the Midnight Express.

He held the NWA Mid-American Tag Team Titles with Lanny Poffo, George Gulas, and Japanese Hardcore Icon, Mr Pogo. He held the AWA Southern Tag Titles with Koko B Ware three times. It was his partnership with Dennis Condrey and Jim Cornette that launched him into the spotlight. The pair were two time Mid-South Tag Team Champions. They would win the NWA American Tag Team Titles and the World Tag Team Titles. Stan Lane would replace Condrey in the team, they’d go on to win the NWA US Tag Team titles 3 times. And Eaton would capture the World Tag Team titles two more times with Lane.

The feud with the Rock N Roll Express helped establish their dominance as a tag team. From 1984 until 2011, Bobby Eaton did battle with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express 344 times. And has legendary as the pairing with Condry and later Lane was, he had quite a few tag partners afterwards. He would team with Arn Anderson winning the WCW World Tag Team titles as a part of the Dangerous Alliance.

Bobby Eaton would continue to wrestle after his days with WCW. He was still working a regular schedule until 2012. Eaton would work various NWA Territories later in his career. He would competed in Mountain State Wrestling. Wrestle Birmingham, Spinebuster, Legends Fanfest, Mid-Atlantic, and and Ultimate. He even teamed with Condrey again at the NWA 60th Anniversary Show in Atlanta Georgia. During the event, the Midnight Express entered the NWA Hall of Fame.

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