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Welcome to this edition of “Blue Collar News” where we will take an in depth look at NWA Blue Collar Wrestling out of Portland, Oregon. This past Sunday, June 26th, they presented a card at Eagles North Portland FOE 3426 located at 7611 North Exeter Street in Portland, Oregon. The first match was a “dark match” featuring rookies during the pre-show, before the advertised bell time, in which Leon Knight took a pinfall lose to This Guy.

In the opening match NWA Continental Champion, Badd Blood got the pinfall over the young up and comer, Tech Tonik. After the match “The Franchise of The NWA” had this to say, “Tech Tonik is one of our students and he was just a pawn in the human chess game. I’m in Cali in 2 weeks, but this Sunday I face Havoc and Jason Kincaid in a 3 way match.” Dave “Havoc” Hollenbeck is the current Blue Collar Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and has been involved in a heated feud with Blood and Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion, Buddy Highway. Adding NWA Modern Vintage Champion, Jason “The Gift” Kincaid to the mix makes it even more volatile. “The Gift” was approached for comments on his visit to Portland and had this to say, “I’m coming to the Pacific Northwest to show the grappling fans there something… Gifferent.” He is definitely different, leading The Cabal for the past year in NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling he has been unpredictable and ultra-violent. And he is no stranger to championship gold, holding the NWA Modern Vintage Championship and the NWA Southeastern Championship, which he has had for over 4 years. He recently has wrestled for NWA Mid South in Dyersburg, Tennessee, NWA Smoky Mountain in Elizabethton, Tennessee, Ring Of Honor in Concord, North Carolina, and AML in Highpoint, North Carolina. Next week he will be in Sonora, Mexico and the week after that he is competing in Maryland Championship Wrestling’s Shane Shamrock Cup in the first round against Tammaso Ciampa. So be prepared, two of the best that Blue Collar Wrestling has to offer will be facing one of the best wrestlers in the National Wrestling Alliance if not all of pro wrestling, next week.

In the second match on the card Ironman secured a pinfall victory over Lance Dean with a distraction from J.B. Moonshine. After the show Dean had a warning for his former tag team partner and family member. “I’ve wrestled Tex Thompson, but never when he was his alter ego, Ironman. He beat me with the heart punch, but I was distracted by J.B. Moonshine coming down to ringside and taking my sledgehammer off the apron during my match. That’s alright though, cuz I got the hammer back later in the night when The Moonshiners lost to Dark Asylum. I took the hammer off the apron and hit Pa Moonshine in his right shoulder, that I previously injured. Keep messing with me Moonshiners, see what happens!”

In the next match, DOA Wrestling alumni, C.J. Edwards lost in a hard fought match to Kaine Jaiden by pin fall. Afterwards, when asked about his plans in BCW, Kaine said “I don’t know what’s coming up but as far as C.J. goes, it was a helluva match. Very physical. C.J. is always a challenge for me. As for his actions after the match, I don’t know what’s happening with him. I went to shake his hand and he kinda stormed out without shaking it.” Edwards was approached for comment on the situation, but made no comment, giving this reporter just an icy stare.

In the semi-main event The Dark Asylum (Big Vicious & The Darkness) faced The Moonshiners (J.B. Moonshine & Cousin Jameson) for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Titles, with The Asylum retaining by pinfall. After the match I tried to dig into the past of the tag champs a little bit. Not much is known about Big Vicious other then the claims he is from the Dammasch State Hospital in Oregon and his best friend is his sock monkey, BOB!!!, who has Big Vicious’s sister’s ashes and hair attached to it. This guy creeped me out! He has been with Blue Collar Wrestling since the beginning of the promotion. He came back this last February from a mysterious 2 year absence and has held the Crown Tag Team Titles, NWWA Heavyweight Title, BCW Heavyweight title, BCW TV Title, BCW Tag Team Titles (multiple times) and is the current NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champion. He had this to say when approached, “This past Sunday, Dark Asylum faced the Moonshiners and like always we left our victims lying on the ground broken and beat. This Sunday at the North Portland Eagles Lodge we face the NWA TV Champion, Lonestar, and one half of the Moonshiners, Jameson, in tag team action. This Sunday will be like every other Sunday, win or lose Dark Asylum will leave bodies on the ground, broken and beat!” Next, week if I am brave enough I will try to have words with The Darkness. I did approach Pa Moonshine, the manager of The Moonshiners, for his opinion on the current state of things in the BCW tag division and this is what he said, “This week The Moonshiners came up short trying to win the tag straps, but next week Jameson will team up with Lonestar, the BCW TV Champion, to go against Dark Asylum and we will see what happens, then. Another thing that’s been a buggin’ me is that J.B. Moonshine will go against Lance Dean and the loser will work for the winner for 30 days. That means the loser will have to do whatever the winner tells him for a whole month! Yes! And also, Dean used a hammer and a chair on my shoulder to cause me to have rotator cuff surgery a while back and I forgot how yellow he was. Last week, after The Moonshiners got laid out in the middle of the ring I went in to check on them and Lance came in the ring behind me and attacks me with a sledge hammer and we all had to be helped to the dressing room! I can’t wait for that yellow scum sucker to have to work for my boy J.B.!”

And finally, in the main event, the BCW Heavyweight Champion, Dave “Havoc” Hollenbeck faced the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion, Buddy Highway. Havoc went over by DQ when the Golden Spike came into play. I spoke with Buddy Highway about the match and he had this to say. “My feud with Havoc goes back months. From our many battles in the ring to a series of just fights, all the way to Piperpolooza 2! I never seem to get that man out of my sights. Always in my path, he is a man that I don’t take too kindly to. You see, being the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion means something. Not just anyone can hold this title. It’s a privilege, not a right! Holding the title now, for a total of 163 days there is one thing I am for certain of. No one, will come between me and my title! It’s my destiny and my dream. See, last Sunday at NWA/BCW I brought back a familiar friend, someone that Havoc wasn’t too happy to see. That being the Golden Spike given to me by my uncle, Kevin Sullivan. He blessed me with a family tradition, which I used graciously on Havoc!! Busting him wide open! Crimson mask!! Be careful what you wish for Havoc, cause you might get the devil horns!!” This fued is building to Shake, Rattle & Roll, coming up July 17th and featuring “The Lost Sullivan” Buddy Highway, Badd Blood & Kevin Sullivan vs. Dave “Havoc” Hollenback, The Honkytonk Man & former WBC World Youth Champion, “The Hammer” Chauncy Welliver, a former heavyweight boxer out of Spokane. I approached Mr. Welliver for a bit of background on his boxing career and comments on his debut in the Portland wrestling scene. The former world champ replied, “I retired from boxing a little over a year ago. The highlight to my career would be either winning the World Title in 2005 or selling out 15,000 tickets to a brand new venue in Tianjin, China. I did everything I wanted in boxing and started to get bored with it. I have always been a fan of wrestling. I actually started boxing so I could build a reputation there and morph over to wrestling. The goal was always to be a wrestler and then a small group here in Spokane started doing events & it got me thinking I need to live my dream. The second I heard HonkeyTonk Man was involved, I jumped at the chance to get in there.” The show is at 6 pm and is being held at the Eagles North Portland FOE 3426 located at 7611 North Exeter Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

Will we find out if there is a problem between C.J. Edwards and Kaine Jaiden this weekend? Can Lonestar help The Moonshiners unseat The Dark Asylum? Who will come out on top when three of the NWA’s best meet in a triple threat match? Come back, next week, to Alliance-Wrestling to find out! And, if you get a chance go visit and read my web comic, “The Black Books”, a sci-fi detective noir story, for FREE. Finally, if you would do me a favor, visit and donate $5 to help prevent suicide. It means a lot to me. That’s it for this week. So, in the mean time and in between time, take care and so long!

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