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Welcome to this edition of “Blue Collar News” where we will take an in depth look at NWA Blue Collar Wrestling out of Portland, Oregon. This past Sunday, July 17th, they presented their big Shake Rattle & Roll card at the Eagles North Portland FOE 3426 located at 7611 North Exeter Street in Portland, Oregon.

The show opened with a tribute to Gary Carver, a member of the Blue Collar Wrestling family that recently passed away. His family was in the ring with NWA Continental Heavyweight Champion, Badd Blood, NWA Heritage Champion, Ironman and NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion, Buddy Highway. The wrestlers welcomed the crowd and got a very strong response. Badd Blood asked everyone to be serious, stated he wanted to pay his respects to Mr. Carver. He told the Carver family how much he appreciated Gary’s hard work helping to set up every show. He told a story about Gary always asking for his NWA hat and then gave the hat to Gary’s family in a show of respect. Ironman took the mic and announced a plaque was being made inducting Gary into the NWA/BCW Hall of Fame. He was very emotional and expressed his love to Gary’s family. Afterwards, Highway hyped up the crowd. “Who’s ready for some Shake Rattle & Roll!?” From the sounds of it, everyone in the crowd was ready to see some great wrestling action, just like Gary would have been. R.I.P., sir.

In the opening match we saw one of the best young wrestlers in the Northwest, Rook Kelly take on the rookie, Tech Tonik. Tech Tonik walked away with a big win via pinfall. When I approached Mr. Kelly and requested a moment of his time, this is what he said. “For starters .. It’s not Mr. Kelly. Its The Dynamic Rook Kelly! As in there is no one like me! Now some kid named Teck Tonik knows the taste of victory, as he ate it off my plate and I’m left with sour grapes. What’s this mean for me? It means the next time he and I cross paths… luck will not be in his favor… Now that’s Dynamic!”

In the second match Tyson Lee faced off with Tommy Celcius. The fans were squarely behind Celcius, chanting “Tommy” and “Tyson sucks”. Lee attacked before the bell, manhandling Celcius, before applying a sleeper hold. Celcius elbowed out and ran the ropes before Lee reestablished control with a knee to the midsection. A big corner splash by Lee gave him three 2 counts, but it wasn’t enough to put Celcius away. Celcius regained controll when Lee turned his back to yell at the fans. Fists and a big bulldog got a 2 count for Celcious. Lee escaped to the outside where both competitors rammed each other’s heads into tables before Celcius scored with a leg drop on the apron. This earned him three 2 counts which he followed up with a big splash in the corner. He missed a second splash and paid for it when Lee hit a cannonball in the corner. Lee only got a two count despite having the extra leverage of his feet on the second rope. While Lee argued the count with the ref, Celcius snuck behind him and rolled him up for the three count.

The next match was for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship. The champions, The Dark Asylum defended the straps against The Moonshiners who went over by DQ. This means the belts stay with The Dark Asylum. I approached JB after the match to get his thoughts on how the match ended. “Dark Asylum felt their championship reign was up, so they got disqualified. Then Darkness tried to choke the hell out of me by hanging me over the top rope with an extension cord. But, us Moonshiners aren’t done yet! We are coming back for their titles and we will, once again, be the NWA tag team champions!”

In the semi-main event the NWA Heritage Championship was defended by Ironman against Gregor Petrov. The fans were behind Ironman, but the Russian had a surprising amount of support from the fans, too. Petrov went to the eyes early and often, but Ironman was able to fight back with a series of fists. Petrov punished the champ with a series of foot stomps and was very impressive when he ducked a tie up and kicked Ironman’s knee out from behind. They traded 2 counts, but Petrov appeared frustrated after missing a big backsplash. But, the Russian is crafty. He got the victory by disqualification when he brought his jumper cables into the ring and handed them to Ironman when the ref’s back was turned. Petrov fell to the ground and acted as if he’s been hit with the foreign object, laughing the whole time at the fans. Ironman challenged Petrov to a dog collar match which he accepted and then he stole the Heritage belt for good measure. When asked about how the match ended he replied, “I had to solidify my dominance in this rivalry on my terms. Pure brutality wasn’t enough. A DQ was the only way to go. NWA Heritage champion or not, I’m in his head now. I got to SHAKE his spirit, RATTLE his brain and am about to ROLL into this Russian dog collar match on Sunday. It’s for the NWA Heritage Championship. I’m looking for the clean sweep this series. From becoming number 1 contender to holding three consecutive wins over the champion. I’ve clawed, I’ve chopped and I have bitten everything and everyone in my way to get to this upcoming event.” I asked if he had returned the title to it’s rightful owner. He spat at me and yelled, “Heck no! I kept it. I even told the fans to take a look at the future and to buy a Petrov t-shirt, now, because the price goes up $5 when I win the championship, on Sunday!”

In the main event, we saw six man tag team action pitting The Dungeon of Doom (NWA Continental Heavyweight Champion, Badd Blood, NEW Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion, “The Lost Sullivan” Buddy Highway & “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan) against Team Honkytonk (The Honkytonk Man, former WBC world boxing champion, “The Hammer” Chauncy Welliver and Dave “Havoc” Hollenbeck). Welliver was announced to have 55 wins in the boxing ring, 22 by knockout and he came to the ring with his boxing gloves around his neck. Havoc’s manager, Kevin Brandt made no friends on his way to the ring, ripping up one fan’s sign on the way out. Havoc was very unpopular with the fans and probably scared any young children in the crowd with the gas mask he wears to the ring. The Honkytonk Man was cheered, unlike his teammates and made his entrance from the fan favorites locker room. Welliver was upset by this and yelled at him to get in their team’s corner. The fans responded with a “Honkytonk” chant. Honkytonk took the Mic and said he doesn’t renege on a deal, but that Welliver will say HTM is the greatest of all time, in the end. Welliver reminded HTM that he paid him, while Havoc wanted to know if they were on the same page. When the Dungeon of Doom were announced the crowd was solidlybehind them and chanted “Havoc sucks!” Badd Blood impresses every time he flips over the top rope to enter the ring. He starts the match against Welliver, with both men just hawing at each other. HTM is tagged in and gives his opponent a respectful handshake which upsets his teammates. Blood takes the opportunity to shove Havoc and let him know he hasn’t forgotten their recent battles. Welliver and Highway tag in and the crowd chants for the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion. After an exchange of punches, Havoc and Sullivan tag in. The Dungeon of Doom gained the advantage after a low blow, trapping Havoc in their corner and making auick tags. Havoc finally tags in Welliver, who is beaten around the ring by Highway. Sullivan tags in and hits a low blow and a thumb to the eye. Badd Blood tags in and exchanges blows with the boxer until Big Vicious attacks him from out of nowhere after being paid by Kevin Brandt to take Badd Blood out. Blood made short work of the interference and chaos quickly ensued. Blood dove through the ropes onto Vicious and Welliver. Highway called out HTM in the ring as Blood and Welliver brawled at ringside. Havoc took advantage of the distraction and took control of Highway. HTM enters the match as the crowd chants “Buddy”. HTM hit a thumb to the eye and tagged in Havoc. Highway tried taking back control but missed a big splash as Havoc rolled outside. Badd Blood caught Havoc with a big boot on the outside as Big Vicious was taken to the back by security. At this point Welliver started giving HTM orders as Havoc thumbed Sullivan in the eye. Havoc threw Highway to the outside where Welliver beat him down. As Havoc watched the beat down Honkytonk snuck up behind him and hit him with Shake Rattle & Roll after which Badd Blood picked up the pinball and win for DOD! As Welliver checked on Havoc, Honkytonk secretly put on the boxing glove the former boxer left at ringside. When Welliver started belittling him HTM laid him out and then laid out Havoc for good measure. Badd Blood and Honkytonk Man celebrated in the ring with Welliver’s boxing titles as the crowd chanted “Honky”! Blood laid down the law to Havoc on the mic, leading to his manager, Kevin Brandt, challenging the NWA Continental Champion to a loser leaves town match between the two.

Tonight, BCW will be at the Eagles in Portland for their weekly show. Follow NWA Blue Collar Wrestling on Facebook to keep up with all the latest news from the NWA in Portland.

Will we learn which title the winner of the contract in the case will challenge for, tonight? Can Ironman withstand Petrov’s challenge in a dog collar match? How will either Badd Blood or Havoc deal with being ran out of town? Come back, next week, to Alliance-Wrestling to find out! And, if you get a chance go visit and read my web comic, “The Black Books”, a sci-fi detective noir story, for FREE. Finally, if you would do me a favor, visit and donate $5 to help prevent suicide. It means a lot to me. That’s it for this week. So, in the mean time and in between time, take care and so long!

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