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Welcome to this edition of “Blue Collar News” where we will take an in depth look at NWA Blue Collar Wrestling out of Portland, Oregon. This past Sunday, July 10th, they presented a card at Eagles North Portland FOE 3426 located at 7611 North Exeter Street in Portland, Oregon.

Before we get into what happened on that card, let’s take a look at NWA Continental Heavyweight Champion and BCW star, Badd Blood. Last weekend, he was in California competing at an Alpha Omega Wrestling show as one half of Rated 2G, along with his partner, Black Jeez. Before the show he messaged me the following, “Tonight, we take out former XPW star Homeless Jimmy and former WWE star Aaron Aguilera aka The Hardkore Kid. AOW in Victorville get ready because were coming…… #Rated2G
#TheBestonTheIndies #InJeezWeTrust #NWABRANDED”
The following is video of what happened at the AOW show.
Badd Blood had this to say when asked about the big Shake Rattle & Roll show tonight, July 17th, in Portland, “Last week in California I was on the winning end when I went to the pay window and this Sunday The DOD will rid the NWA of Havoc and his cronies!” He teams with “The Lost Sullivan” Buddy Highway and former WCW star Kevin Sullivan against Dave “Last Havoc” Hollenbeck, former pro boxer Chauncy Welliver and former WWF star The Honkytonk Man tonight in Portland!

Back in Portland, BCW presented their weekly show last Sunday night. They opened the show with a tag team match between two well established teams in the promotion, The Role Models (Ares Toretto & Tyson Lee) and The Moonshiners. The Role Models got the win via pinball when Lance Dean caused a distraction by trying to hand JB his moonshine.

Next, was a Triple Threat Match for the Contract in the Case. The winner earned a title match with the champion of their choosing. In the end, Sunni Daze defeated both Demarcus James & Crashella. Sunni Daze has history with TV Champion, Lonestar, wrestling together through out a number of territories and speculation is she will challenge him for his title.

Gregor Petrov and Lance Dean met in a #1 contender match for the NWA Heritage Title. Petrov got the win and had this to say when asked about The Moonshiners getting involved after the match, “After the match I heard a rustle, but that was after I layed Lance Dean flat on his face with the red shiver and became number 1 contender to the NWA Heritage Championship. Must have been them. This was a true 1 on 1 contest.” Dean replied, “I’ve faced Gregor Petrov many times, but nothing can prepare for how vicious and uncontrolled his violence can be. He enjoys a hard fight in return. My game plan was to fight with everything I had and to take advantage of any opening I got. Petrov came out the victor in the end and JB Moonshine made sure to add insult to injury by presenting white butler gloves and a bow tie to me after the match, reminding me about my stipulation of working for him for 30 days. I attempted to sing the Honkytonk Man’s theme song, but the microphone was snatched away by JB. He interrupted me, stating that I would not be at the show to meet the Honkytonk Man or wrestle on the 17th because I’d be too busy with my hands full working for JB…” JB got his payback for Dean costing the Moonshiners a victory earlier in the night.

The NWA Heritage Championship Match saw a new champion crowned when Ironman defeated Dave “Havoc” Hollenbeck via pinfall. Gregor Petrov, the #1 contender addressed the new champion afterwards, “Ironman. You messed up bad man… I’m not looking to take the championship. I’m looking to take your mind. Aches, pains, pure savagery on the most basic level. I’m looking to end it. You started me. I end you.” 2 weeks ago The All American, Ironman, lost a flag match to the Russian and kicked him below the belt after the match.

NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion, Buddy Highway defeated Kane Jaiden by pinfall. Afterwards he had comments about both his opponent and today’s big show, Shake Rattle & Roll. “Kaine is an up and coming kid with a very big heart. He has lots of passion and the strive to be one of the best. Nothing bad to say bout that kid. He took me to my limit. For that I am humbled and honored to have stepped in the ring with him. Walking out with the victory and the NWA PNW Title felt that much better, knowing the challenger I faced and defeated.” He went on, “As far as tonight, it’s a huge fight feel. Lots of people coming out to see history made. The Dungeon of Doom taking on Team Honkytonk. Not too worried about tonight with how sinister my uncle and blood are. I know I am in great hands. Tonight is something you don’t wanna miss. It’s tonight, it’s Shake, Rattle & Roll!”

The main event was an NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship Match pitting the champions, The Dark Asylum (Darkness & Big Vicious) against Demarcus James & C.J. Edwards. The champs retained their straps and afterwards Darkness had this to say. “Last week’s match against Demarcus James and CJ Edwards was the greatest test we’ve faced so far for the NWA PNW Tag Titles, but it just proves that all the flashy moves in the world can’t save you from the depths of the Dark Asylum.”

Make sure to follow NWA Blue Collar Wrestling on Facebook! What title will Sunni Daze use the Contract in the case for? What’s going to happen when Petrov and Ironman meet again? Can Hollenbeck recover from losing the Heritage Title in time for Shake Rattle & Roll? Come back, next week, to Alliance-Wrestling to find out! And, if you get a chance go visit and read my web comic, “The Black Books”, a sci-fi detective noir story, for FREE. Finally, if you would do me a favor, visit and donate $5 to help prevent suicide. It means a lot to me. That’s it for this week. So, in the mean time and in between time, take care and so long!

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