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Welcome to this edition of “Blue Collar News” where we will take an in depth look at NWA Blue Collar Wrestling out of Portland, Oregon. This past Sunday, July 3rd, they presented a card at Eagles North Portland FOE 3426 located at 7611 North Exeter Street in Portland, Oregon.

In the opening match of the card Ares Toretto and Tech Tonik lost to Demarcus James and his son, Kadin Jaiden, when Jaiden scored the pinfall over his former Role Models tag team partner, Toretto. Jaiden stated after the match, “It was a quick and simple reunion for me and my old man, and I was able to prove a point to Toretto!”

In a loser works for the winner for 30 days match JB Moonshine beat Lance Dean by pinfall after using the hammer to knock Lance out. J.B. had this to say when asked what he has in store for Dean, “Well, he’s my lil’ half brother who turned his back on family and was bullying pa around, just like he tried to do to me last week. But, I won and now he does my dirty work. Mowed my yard, cleans my toilet, cooks my food. I’ve even video taped it and posted it on facebook. It is so funny! Lance Dean gets to be my bitch for 30 days and I love it. If you want to know what’s next for him come to the shows and stay tuned its going to be a blast!”

Next, we saw NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweigh Champion “The Lost Sullivan” Buddy Highway get a pinfall over Tommy Celcious to retain the title. The champ is scheduled to be in a six man tag match featuring himself, Badd Blood and Kevin Sullivan against Dave “Havoc” Hollenbeck, former boxing world champ Chauncey Welliver and The Honkytonk Man on July 17th in Portland. He had this to say about that match. “The newly born Dungeon Of Doom, The Lost Sullivan, Badd Blood, and Kevin Sullivan happened with out anyone knowing. Fear became a thing again! The pain we would put on our opponents was breath taking. This time we reunite again, under the same lights against Team Honky Tonk. Now I have no idea what Dave “Havoc” Hollenbeck was thinking, but recruiting a boxer and a old timer? I don’t know where his mind is. Must of really rattled his cage with that golden spike!! Your blood still gives me chills Dave! I WANT MORE! And that will all come together July 17th for NWA/BCW Shake, Rattle & Roll! All I can say is this, I hope, you all 3 have good insurance cause your gonna need it.. Courtesy of the Lost Sullivan!!!!” You can hear more from the champ on his weekly podcast,

The fourth match of the night was for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship. The champions, The Dark Asylum faced Blue Collar Wrestling TV Champion, Lonestar and one half of The Moonshiners, Cousin Jameson. The champions retained by pinfall.

In the semi main event BCW presented a Three Tier Championship match featuring the NWA Continental Heavyweight Champion, Badd Blood, NWA Heritage Champion, Dave “Havoc” Hollenbeck and NWA Modern Vintage Champion, Jason “The Gift” Kincaid. All Three titles were on the line, one for each fall. In the first fall the NWA Continental Heavyweight championship was on the line. Badd Blood pinned Jason “The Gift” Kincaid retaining the title. In the second fall NWA Heritage Champion,Dave “Havoc” Hollenbeck pinned Badd Blood after a roll up holding the tights and retained his title. In tge third and final fall the Modern Vintage Championship was on the line. Jason Kincaid redeemed himself after losing the first fall by getting the win over Badd Blood. Go watch the match on YouTube at

In the main event BCW presented a flag vs flag match pitting Russian Gregor Petrov against American Ironman. Ironman put up a good fight, but Petrov retrieved his flag first, winning the last match of the night.onight, BCW will be at the Eagles in Portland for their weekly show but next week is a big one for Portland wrestling. BCW presents Shake, Rattle & Roll featuring a six man tag match between The Dungeon of Doom, Badd Blood, Buddy Highway and Kevin Sullivan facing off with Dave “Havoc” Hollenbeck, “The Hammer” Chauncy Welliver and The Honkytonk Man. Welliver is a former World Boxing Council Youth World champion that boxes professionally as a heavyweight. I approached him for comments on his new foray into wrestling and he had this to say, “I have always been a fan of wrestling. I actually started boxing so I could build a reputation there and morph over to wrestling. The goal was always to be a wrestler then a small group here in Spokane started doing events & it got me thinking I need to live my dream. The second I heard HonkeyTonk Man was involved, I jumped at the chance to get in there.” I then asked the former puncher about his training to switch over to wrestling. “I start this week with Spokane Anarchy Wrestling. I’ve done some training in the past with old schoolers up here in Spokane and in New Zealand. Moe Smith from Idaho who wrestled as the Bionic Blond in the 50s & 60s.” Welliver has been a wrestling fan his whole life, is an accomplished athlete and has a sharp mind and competitive attitude. The Dungeon of Doom better not take him lightly.

Will Ironman have a shot at revenge against Petrov? How will Badd Blood deal with Havoc one week before their big six man tag match? Who can challenge the evil of The Dark Asylum for the tag titles? Come back, next week, to Alliance-Wrestling to find out! And, if you get a chance go visit and read my web comic, “The Black Books”, a sci-fi detective noir story, for FREE. Finally, if you would do me a favor, visit and donate $5 to help prevent suicide. It means a lot to me. That’s it for this week. So, in the mean time and in between time, take care and so long!

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