“Black Superman” Onyx makes an IMPACT on NWA Mid-Atlantic

NWA Mid-Atlantic held their debut event in Beckly West Virginia and with eyes on crowning a new Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion, it appears that Onyx decided he would make his name and presence felt in the new promotion.

Pitted against local favorite Diablo Jr., Onyx was able to throw the much smaller wrestler around the ring. Onxy crushed Diablo with a devastating Choke Slam for the pin. However it wasn’t enough for “Black Superman” who continued to just dismantle the fan favorite only ready to leave when Sherman Tank came to Diablo’s rescue.

OnyxOnyx not satisfied with the destruction he caused earlier in the night decided to make his IMPACT on the Main Event Ladder Match.   Whilst it looked like Erickson would emerge victorious in Beckly and walk out with the belt…  out comes the “Black Superman.”  Erickson and Onyx go back and forth with a series of forearms and haymakers when Sherman Tank make the save.  After more destruction, the “Black Superman” takes the ladder and leaves with the Mid-Atlantic Championship Belt.

If possession is nine-tenths the law… is Onyx the new NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion?

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