Better Late then Never: Presenting the World Wide Wrestling

Please don’t be confused by the title, I meant more that I’m late posting this information, then any delays on the production.It seems that the NWA Virgina project spear-headed by NWA Virgina Promoter Rick O’Brien and NWA Forum Moderator, John Price.Word on the street is that this project will begin to include talent from the NWA Virgina Affiliate s, NWA Southern Pro Wrestling. With my understanding, that an invitation will be made to other nearby NWA promotions. My first thought is, this will be a great opportunity for NWA Virgina and its constituents to get some much deserved attention. Damien Wayne is the current NWA Virgina Heavyweight Champion and they harbor some gifted talent. I hope that this will inspire other members to follow suit.

I wasn’t blown away with what I saw. My critiques I have passed along to Mr. Price, however, I love the idea. I’ve read some reviews, that have already been posted on web forums like the and National Wrestling Alliance that have been very positive.

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