Bert Prentice passed away

Long time wrestling personality Bert Prentice passed away earlier today, at the age of 62. Bert had been the proprietor of USA Wrestling, based out of Nashville, TN. Bert had been battling cancer.

Effective today, my sister Marilyn will manage the day to day operations of USA Wrestling. As I continue to manage my cancer treatments and rehabilitation. I so appreciate all USA staff and talent, fans, and thousands of friends who have reached out to me with care and love.

Bert Prentice

Bert was often referred to as a “promoters’ promoter.” Many credit Prentice with the 50/50 Raffles before and during the shows. Prentice worked with the Jarretts, Lawler, and spent time in the National Wrestling Alliance with Music City Wrestling.

Prentice and Bill Behrens after leaving USWA would open up Music City Wrestling in Nashville. The promotion would serve as a top territory for the NWA in Tennessee and would eventually launch the acclaimed NWA Wildside. Mike Rapada was one of the top stars of the area, he would win the NWA North American Championship and have two reigns with the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Prentice was a big proponent of the “Colorado Kid” Rapada.

Prentice would also work for Impact in the early days of TNA Wrestling. In 2001, Bert Prentice started promoting under the USA Championship Wrestling Banner. The promotion announced it would suspend their weekly Thursday wrestling event, but will continue to promote shows on Friday and Saturday.

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