Baron’s review: NWA-WCW 2/14/87

Before I take a look at NWA-WCW again. I’d like to mention that, I do wrestling reviews on my blog as well. You can check that out by clicking this link.  So, that’s out of the way. Let’s get started!

Jimmy Valiant vs. Tommy Angel

Jimmy Valiant is playing to the crowd, but it isn’t hurting him so far. He’s got complete control so far. This match was quick, but it was good.

Your winner is Jimmy Valiant.

Barry Windham & Ron Garvin vs. Randy Barber & Jack Jackson

The match starts with an arm drag, and a quick tag. Barry’s out, and Ron is in. Ron has complete control of Jack Jackson, and he goes for a tag. Cutting the ring in half, and keeping Jackson away from his partner. Very nice. Jack Jackson is attempting to fight back now, but Barry has an answer for him. Ron’s back in, and things aren’t looking good for Jack. Barry’s back in, and Jack finally makes it to his corner. It’s Barry versus Randy now.  The results are the same for Randy. Barry, and Ron are playing with these two.

Your Winners are Barry Windham, and Ron Garvin.

Lex Luger vs. Kent Glover

Glover isn’t putting up much of a fight, but he’s done better than Jack Jackson so far.

Your winner is Lex Luger.

Arn Anderson vs. Zane Smith

Zane’s an odd name. He’s another punching bag for wrestlers that matter.

Your winner is Arn Anderson.

Jimmy Garvin vs. David Isley

Jimmy beats on David while Precious mocks him. David’s got a strong will, I’ll give him that. But this won’t go his way.

Your winner is Jimmy Garvin.

Midnight Express vs. Ricky Sullivan & Larry Steven

Sullivan, and Steven can’t get anything going.

The Midnight Express are your winners.

The Russians & Dick Murdoch vs. Alan Martin, Randy Mulkey, & Chance McQuade

This match starts off with a brawl. Murdoch, and the Russians are destroying these sad collection of wrestlers.

Your winners are the Russians, and Murdoch.

Big Bubba vs. George South

Bubba’s not reacting to any South’s moves so far. Bubba’s in control, and things aren’t going well.

Your winner is Big Bubba.

Kansas Jayhawks vs. Keith Vincent & Vernon Deaton

A one sided match up.

Your winners are the Jayhawks.

Bob Armstrong vs. The Demon

Bob’s doing an excellent job. The Demon’s getting pulverized by him. The Demon’s trying to get something going, but Bob is coming back.

Your winner is Bob.

This was pretty good, but I’m glad that squash matches have become less common over the years. The more matches you have, the more of a chore it becomes to watch.  Ten matches that are all squashes isn’t good booking, in my opinion. I prefer CWA’s approach to this, it also helps that it’s a shorter program. Sure, they’re guilty of it too. But it’s less annoying, when it’s a one hour program. The interviews for this episode were excellent. Jim Cornette is always worth listening to. Same with Flair, and the other Horsemen.






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