Baron’s review: CWA Championship Wrestling 2/27/88, and more

It’s been a little while, but I’m back with another review. I’ve started covering Booker T’s ROW on my own blog, if you’d like to check that out. But let’s take a look at this edition of CWA first.

Ricky Morton interview & Manny Fernandez promo

Ricky’s talking about his match with the Midnight Rockers for the AWA tag team titles. But He’s looking forward to another chance. Manny’s interference was an act of revenge. According to him at least.

Kokina & Samu vs. Rodney Napper & Rikki Nelson

Samu, and Rikki start us off. Rikki has control, which is a surprise. Napper, and Nelson are actually putting up a fight against their opponents. A Napper match is usually a complete squash. But this brief period of resistance has been snuffed out. The referee is distract, and Napper is getting doubled teamed in the corner. Kokina, and Samu are taking turns punishing Napper. If Pro Wrestling Tees existed, when he was wrestling. He’d have a “NAP Squad” shirt, because he’s always laying on the mat.

Your winners are Kokina & Samu.

Eddie Gilbert interview

Missy Hyatt, and Doug Gilbert are here as well. Lance is questioning Eddie’s involvement in Jerry Lawler’s match. He’s been planning this for three years. It’s time to dethrone the King.

“For me to be the King, I have to beat the King” – Eddie Gilbert

Interview with Missy Hyatt & Doug The Hitman Gilbert

Missy Hyatt doesn’t appreciate being kept in the back. She’s telling Lance that, she should replace his cohost occasionally. Most of this interview has been focused on her, while Doug is quietly standing there.

Doug “The Hitman” Gilbert w/ Missy Hyatt vs. Ken Raper

Ken’s putting up a fight, but will it last? They seem evenly matched, which has Missy concerned. She’s been making excuses for why he hasn’t won yet. The match is finally over.  It was a decent match, I would’ve put it towards the start of the program though.

Your winner is Doug Gilbert.

Ron & Don Bruise vs. Maxx Payne & Gorgeous Gary Young

Gary is having some trouble with Don. Maxx Payne’s been tagged in, by Gary Young. Which means Don’s in trouble, and needs to go for a tag. Gary botches a high risk move, after Maxx sets it up for him. But he’s still in control though. So, everything is fine. He tags Maxx in again, and a nice powerslam puts Don away. The first successful pin was done by Maxx Payne. The Bruise Brothers are still in trouble. Gary misses with another high risk move, and it looks like the Bruise Brothers might have a chance. Well, it was looking good for them, but Brother Ernst go involved.

Your winners are  Young & Payne.

Bonus Content: San Francisco Wrestling

Pepper Gomez, and Takashi Onomi vs. Playboy Buddy Rose and Texas Red

Takashi Onomi is Takashi Ishikawa, If I’m not mistaken. He’s ready to go, but his opponent is busy messing with his robe. Takashi, and Buddy start us off.  The match begins with lock-up, and a clean break. We have another lock-up, but Buddy strikes him this time. Buddy’s getting the better of Takashi right now. Buddy goes for a pin, but Takashi only stays down for two. Texas Red gets tagged in, and things stay the same for Takashi. He really needs to make it to his partner. Texas Red goes for a pin attempt of his own, but Takashi’s spirit hasn’t been crushed yet. Red & Rose have the ring cut in half. Takashi’s in no man’s land right now.  Buddy screws up, and things are finally turning around for Takashi. He tags in Pepper Gomez, and Buddy’s in trouble now.  Buddy tags in Texas Red, and Pepper is ready for more. But Texas Red is being cautious. A lock-up transitions into a headlock by Pepper Gomez. Pepper goes for the tag, and they gang up on Texas Red. Buddy Rose saves the day, and breaks up the pin. Buddy is the legal man now. Takashi’s in control now. Buddy Rose manages to get a tag though. Takashi’s luck is very fluid, and Buddy’s back in the ring. Texas Red’s back in, I think it’s over for Takashi. He gets the tag, and Pepper will have to finish this himself! The referee is distracted, and Buddy gets involved.

Your winners are Rose & Red. the match.







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