Baron’s review: CWA Championship Wrestling 2/13/88

Championship Wrestling gets underway with a big 14 man battle royal to determine a challenger for Lawler’s CWA Heavyweight title.

Wrestlers: The Raging Bull Manny Fernandez, Gorgeous Gary Young, Alan Reynolds, The Zebra Warriors, Jeff Jarrett, Nightmare Ken Wayne, Jimmy Jack Funk, Rikki Nelson, Maxx Payne, Freezer Thompson, Ron Nations, Rodney Napper, and Bill Superstar Dundee.

Jerry Lawler joins Lance on commentary. Dundee approaches Lawler to tell him, that the ring will be his. Winning the championship belt is merely a means to an end for him. The match has begun. It comes down to Jeff Jarrett, Gary Young, and Bill Dundee. Jarrett eliminates Young, but Dundee is his last obstacle. Jarrett wins.

Interview with Maxx Payne with Brother Ernest Angel before his match against Freezer Thompson.

Maxx Payne says that, He’s coming for Jerry Lawler. Maxx beats Freezer quickly. Freezer Thompson path of defeat is unending. Will he win a match, before I get done with CWA content? Let’s find out!

CWA Heavyweight Title match Jerry The King Lawler vs. Jeff Jarrett

The match that should be the main event isn’t the main event. Seriously, what’s up with this? This isn’t the first time a lesser match got the main event slot over an important one. Very nice exchange so far, the match hasn’t gotten repetitive. Dundee attacks Jarrett while the referee is down. Lawler retains. Dundee attacks Jarrett again, after the match.  The whole roster comes out to separate these two. Dundee versus Jarrett has been booked. They should’ve ended the show with this. Ending it with this would’ve generated a lot more hype. But they’ll end it with another squash match instead.

Interview with Gorgeous Gary Young with Brother Ernest Angel before his match against Alan Reynolds.

Alan gets squashed, and Gary wins. This is not a good way to end the show, this match could’ve taken place earlier. They had an interview segment, and a promotional segment earlier in the show. One of those slots could’ve been used for this match.



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