Baron’s Review: CWA Championship Wrestling 2/06/88

Hello Alliance-Wrestling readers, and people within the industry. I hope, you’re excited about NWA70, I’ll have to catch a replay in the future. UWN’s CWFH is on Anthem’s GWN now by the way. After reviewing a wonderful episode of NWA-WCW, we’re back with more CWA content.

Midnight Rockers interview, followed by the Midnight Rockers vs. Rikki Nelson & Ken Raper in an AWA World Tag Title bout

After the Rockers give Lawler, and Dundee a warning the match begins. The Rockers get manhandled by Rikki, because of their overconfidence. The Rockers luck does not change as Ken is tagged in. Things turn around, when Shawn finally makes the tag. The Rockers retained after using a double ddt on Ken.

Maxx Payne & Gorgeous Gary Young vs. David Johnson & Rodney Napper

It’s nap time once again, as Maxx gets the pin. A very easy victory for Payne, and Young.

Funk & Kahn vs. Alan Reynolds & Freezer Thompson

Funk & Kahn completely destroyed the opposition.

Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Keith Eric

SBS beats Keith with little effort. He never took his coat off for the match.


SBS wins once again.

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