Baron’s review: CWA Championship Wrestling 12/26/87

Baron’s review will cover CMLL, and pre-1998 professional wrestling. The perspective of someone in their early twenties might be very interesting to some of you. When it comes to older wrestling at least. The first batch of articles will cover CWA, USWA, and CMLL.

The show opens up with Hector Guerrero, and Lance Russell. Hector comes out singing, and complaining about Americans. This was a very enjoyable segment, the “chicken skin” comment was hilarious to me.

Tejoe Khan versus Freezer Thompson

Tejoe Khan pulverizes Freezer Thompson, and finishes him off with a shot to the throat. I was expecting a disqualification here, but surprisingly enough there wasn’t one. I was also expecting Freezer to do more, but I am getting the impression that Freezer’s the company punching bag.  Matches like this prove that, you don’t have to be fancy to be entertaining. This was a solid opener.

Jimmy Jack Funk versus David Johnson

There’s not much to say here. Jimmy makes short work of his opponent, and doesn’t lose your attention. This was a pretty good squash match, but it left me wanting more.

Scott Hall versus Keith Eric

I’m starting to notice a pattern here, and that makes me question the booking a little bit. But this was a fun match, where we see Scott Hall completely destroy his opponent. Scott beating on Nate the Rat was pretty amusing as well.

Jeff Jarrett versus Hector Guerrero w/ no punching stipulation

Hector suggests an interesting stipulation. The first punch is an automatic disqualification. This had me intrigued, as a younger wrestling fan. Of course, punches aren’t that important for a match but this was a new experience for me. Hector, and Jeff are evenly matched. When Hector realized, that he might lose this match. He punches Jeff as soon, as the referee is distracted. Hector cheats, and steals a victory over the young Jeff Jarrett. This got plenty of heat from the crowd.  This was the best match on the card without a doubt.

Bruise Brothers versus Rough N Ready

This was a pretty standard tag team match, with Rough N Ready ambushing the Bruise Brothers. I wasn’t exactly impressed with this match. I’m also not sure, why it was the main event either. Hector versus Jeff was much better, and more deserving that slot. I could’ve skipped this match, and still reviewed this episode with no trouble.

It was a good show overall, but I definitely disagree with some of the booking here. Three squash matches in a row is lazy, even if they’re entertaining. Putting a main event quality match before the main event is absurd. But I do appreciate the Memphis style, and I look forward to watching the next episode.


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