Baron’s review: CWA Championship Wrestling 1/23/88

Let’s take a look, at another episode of CWA Championship Wrestling

The Rock n’ Roll RPMs (Mike Davis/Tommy Lane) vs. Rikki Nelson & Billy Travis

This was an excellent way to start the show. Plenty of emotion, and a good story being told in the ring. The RPM’s showed signs of frustration, when their opponents kept coming back for more. In modern wrestling, there’s a trend of wrestlers only showing frustration after a failed pin attempt. Do wrestling schools have their students watch old wrestling anymore? Because they should. The team of Rikki, and Billy got an upset victory.


After the match, the RPM’s challenged them to a “Loser leaves town” match. This is an excellent way to put over younger talent, if that’s the intended goal here.

Terry Taylor interview

Terry tells Lance that he got involved in Lawler’s match with Dundee, because he wasn’t booked for the tournament.

Terry Taylor vs. Ron Bruise.

Terry spends a portion of the match gloating, until Ron responds to his slam with a body slam of his own. There was a good back, and forth until Terry knocks Ron out of the ring. The match ends with a DDT finish. Your winner is Terry Taylor. This was a very good match.

Manny Fernandez vs. Jimmy Jack Funk

We found who’s the real “sissy” in this match. When it became clear that, Manny was going to win the match. Teijo comes out, and attacks Manny.  Jeff Jarrett comes out at the last minute with a broomstick to save Manny.

Gorgeous Gary Young interview before his match vs. Don Bruise

Gary briefly talks about wanting to face the biggest stars of the CWA before his match. This was match was alright, but I wasn’t really big on the finish. Gary wins the match, by holding Don’s tights.

Big Scott Hall & Nightmare Ken Wayne vs. Rodney Napper & Mad Dog

The episode ends with a squash match. Rodney takes another nap, and Scott Hall puts the dog down.

Interview with Jerry The King Lawler

Jerry announces that his match against the AWA champion Curt Hennig will have a ring vs title stipulation. Winner walks away with the championship, and a $10,000 diamond ring.


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