Baron’s review: CWA Championship Wrestling 1/16/88

Before we get to this fine episode of CWA Championship Wrestling, I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to something. Brian Pillman Junior’s MLW singles debut is available on YouTube. It’s definitely worth checking out.

The Raging Bull Manny Fernandez vs. Rodney Napper

A quick win to start off the show. Manny, and Rodney told an excellent story in the ring, but Rodney probably needed a nap afterwards. Bad joke? Yeah, probably.

Sissy identification session by Jimmy Jack Funk

This was mildly entertaining, and it was a decent setup for his match.

Jimmy Jack Funk & Teijo Kahn vs. The Wilson Brothers

After naming the sissy, these two get into the ring with two wrestlers that look fresh out of wrestling school. Funk, and Kahn brutalized the Wilson brothers. There wasn’t a back, and forth in this match, just pure carnage from start to finish. I enjoyed it.

Jeff Jarrett poster interview

Jimmy Jack Funk saves the day, by cutting this interview short.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Jeff Jarrett

This match had an excellent story, and I can see where they’re going with it. Teijo interferes as soon Jeff starts to get an advantage, and they pulverize him until Manny appears. Manny saves Jeff, and tells Funk that he’s a “one on one man”.

The Midnight Rockers vs. Fontana, and Morton

Shawn, and Marty maintained control for most of the match, and picked up the win. Before the match, they compared their opponents to Jeff Jarrett, and Jerry Lawler. I’m really liking their work in CWA so far.

The Power Twins (David/Larry with Nate the Great) vs. Billy Travis/Todd Morton

Nate presents the Power Twins, and didn’t live up to their name. The name, and size of these men had me, assuming this would be a quick win. But it was cut off due to time constraints.

Midnight Rockers interview

The champions threaten to leave with the belts, if they don’t get real competition. After this Lance is recapping, what happened during the show. If there wasn’t a recap, the full match would’ve been able to air.



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