Baron’s Review: CWA Championship Wrestling 1/09/88

This edition of CWA had less wrestling, than the previous episode we looked at. No, I’m not counting the recap from the Lord of the Ring tournament. It starts off with Hector telling Lance, that he’s going to beat Jeff Jarrett in front of his adoring female fans. He also uses the insult “Chicken skins” again, which is a unique pejorative term. The Renegade Rampage press conference took up an unreasonable amount of air time. This is a one hour show, the focus should be on matches.

Keith Eric vs. Nightmare #1 Ken Wayne

This was another loss for Keith Eric, but he did manage to put up a fight this time. He had an advantage at some point, thanks to his manager. But it was all for naught, this looks like his role in the wrestling business. The company punching bag.

Interview with Shawn Michaels/Mark Guleen (Michaels puts down Ken Wayne)

After the match, we see Shawn mock Ken Wayne. This segment was all over the place, but it was a decent setup for what comes after.

Shawn Michaels vs. David Wilson

An easy win for Shawn, that mostly serves as a showcase of what he’s capable of.

After the match, there’s another confrontation. Shawn gets challenged by Ken Wayne, and Scott Hall for the titles.

Two interviews follow this confrontation. Jerry Lawler’s was interrupted by Bill Dundee. Long story short, He challenges Jerry for, the ring that he feels he won. Good segment, but I felt it took up some time that could’ve been given to the next match. Jeff Jarrett claims that, he suggested the strap stipulation.

Hector Guerrero vs Billy Travis

Another non-main event in the main event. Maybe, it would’ve developed nicely had they been given more time. But unfortunately, this episode was stuffed with segments. It a good episode, but it definitely didn’t live up to the previous episode that I covered. Too many interviews, not enough wrestling. I almost forgot, this matched didn’t have a winner.

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