Baron’s review: CWA Championship Wrestling 02/20/88

I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween, and so on. I’ve got a new review for you, so let’s take a look at CWA


Brother Ernst interview

Brother Ernst defends himself, against accusations of mocking the Christian religion. Lance definitely isn’t buying, what he’s selling though. Maxx Payne is the new CWA heavyweight champion, after defeating Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Maxx Payne & Gary Young take on Rodney Napper & Alan Reynolds.

Maxx, and Gary are taking turns squashing Alan Reynolds. Rodney Napper tags himself in, and now it’s his turn to go to sleep. Maxx, and Gary win the match.

Jerry Lawler vs. Choir Boy #1

Brother Ernst’s Choir Boy is having trouble with the King. After getting caught trying to sneak in a foreign object, the choir boy gets the upper hand. Brother Ernst’s presence at ringside is negatively affecting the King. Lawler knocks the Choir Boy out of the ring. I have a feeling that, the Choir Boy won’t be singing good tunes later on. The Kings via count out.

The Great Samu & The Giant Kokina (a young Yokozuna) w/ Brother Ernst vs. Ken Raper & Doug Dansing

Brother Ernst’s all over this edition of the program. Dansing got obliterated by his opponents, and the match is over. Samu, and Kokina are your winners.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Ken Raper

Ken’s lost twice in a row. Jimmy jack didn’t waste any time.

The Blue Knight & Rough and Ready  vs. Nightmare Ken Wayne, Jeff Jarrett, and Billy Travis

The Blue Knight, and Billy Travis starts things off. Wayne, Jarrett, and Travis are taking turns beating up the Blue Knight.  The Blue Knight tags out, but his team’s luck remains the same. Team Jarrett wins. Another edition, another main event squash match.

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