Baron’s Corner: a fresh start for NWA & Japan in the 21st century

Corgan, and Lagana have pushed the NWA forward in a short period. We’re witnessing a beautiful underdog story unfold before us. But I feel that, the National Wrestling Alliance should rekindle it’s relationship with Japan. I know it’ll be hard. But I believe these men are capable of pulling it off.

The NWA has a long history with Japan’s wrestling industry. Giant Baba, and Antonio Inoki had dealings with the NWA. As wrestlers, and promoters. I think it’s time to find a promotion, that’d be a good business partner for the future. NJPW is doing shows with ROH, and that’s going very well. It wouldn’t hurt for the NWA to do the same.

“WE DON’T NEED TO COPY ROH!!!” – potential critic

The NWA did it first. So, I don’t want to see this nonsense in the comments or on Twitter. The question is which promotion should it be? Wreslte-1, Pro Wrestling Noah, Dragon Gate, AJPW, and DDT are possible options for male wrestling. There’s plenty of Joshi options as well. Stardom, Sendai Girls, Ice Ribbon, Wave, and so on.

The NWA has to pick two promotions. If you were Corgan, which promotions would you pick? I’d pick Pro Wrestling Noah, and Stardom.

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