Barbie Boi returned to MPW! | Black Friday Matches & Legends Night announced! | MPW News

Former MPW Champion Barbie Boi made his surprise return to Millennium Pro Wrestling this Friday. We haven’t seen Barbie Boi for months after Crypto Cartel bought his contract of the Millennium Office. What can we expect from Barbie Boi in MPW?

Millennium Pro Wrestling announced that Brendan Divine will challenge Auntie Hydie for the MPW Championship at Black Friday!

Plus: A Fatal 4 Way Match will determine the next challenger to the MPW Championship. Danny Divine, J2 Mattioli, Diego Valens & Johnnie Robbie will battle it out at Black Friday!

The Enterprise challenged Crypto Cartel for the MPW Tag Team Championships and after some back and fourth on social media the MPW Office made the Match official for Black Friday!

On December 23rd MPW will have a special event: LEGENDS NIGHT! We’ll see a lot of returns, debuts and special appearences!

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