Attila Khan Issues Challenge to Trevor Murdoch | NWA News

Attila Khan and manager Travis Cook have issued a challenge for the Ten Pounds of Gold. Khan is a regular for Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling. Khan spent his early career in World League Wrestling. Trevor Murdoch also got his start in WLW. Murdoch and Khan have never faced off, one-on-one.

In this business the old saying is even more true, be careful what you wish for. In this case, Travis Cook has once again let his mouth get him backed into the corner. After a lengthy discussion with the Owner/ Chairman of the great NWA, Mr. William Corgan, a mutual understanding was made to have his NWA Champion Trevor Murdoch take on “The International Bounty Hunter” Attila Khan on Wednesday December 1st in St. Louis Missouri. I’m so honored to be part of this MAJOR event.

The NWA continues to keep the history of the St.Louis region alive when it comes to Professional Wrestling.

Again, thank you Mr. William Corgan and the NWA.

To all the NWA fans, also that night the St. Louis Sports Writers HOF will induct into the HOF, Sam Muchnick, Larry Matysik, and Joe Garagolia. Also, Author, and Film Producer who has written the new “Wrestling at the Chase Ed Wheatley book will be there. Also, Gerry Brisco, brother of a former NWA Champion Jack Brisco will be in attendance. Also, St. Louis own Cowboy Bob Orton Jr and rough tough Ron Powers will be part of the ceremony. NWA Fans get ready William Corgan with the NWA, and SICW are getting ready to make more history. Wednesday December 1st Holiday Inn at 270 and Watson Road. Stay tune for more announcements about this NWA Championship event.

Herb Simmons — SICW Promoter

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion

Trevor Murdoch put an end to the 1044 day reign of Nick Aldis at the NWA 73rd Anniversary. The storied feud between Aldis and Murdoch had roots from WLW as Murdoch was trained by Harley and Aldis has spent time under Harley’s tutelage. Since then, Murdoch and Aldis have found a new respect for one an other, even teaming together at By Any Means Necessary special. That night, Murdoch was attacked by Mike Knox. This match will mark Murdoch’s first title defense as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

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