Arrick Andrews Interview

Q: First off Arrick its a pleasure to have you here. First thing I wanna ask you about is Simply Perfection. Seems like the guys at NWA Top Rope have it out for you, Tasha Simone, and Derrick Neal. Even suspending Neal. Whats your take on all this?

Jason, everyone should have the opportunity to be graced by the Role Model’s presence at least once in their lifetime. The leadership of NWA Top Rope holds fear in their hearts for Simply Perfection. We are elite athletes, we don’t talk about being the best, we live it. Mike Sircy and the offices of NWA Top Rope fear Simply Perfection because of our greatness, it is common knowledge we are using Top Rope as a rung on the NWA ladder of success. Derek Neal’s suspension, simply pissed us off, and is a small bump in the road in the grand scheme of things. With T already having the World Women’s strap, it is our goal to collect World straps for myself and Derek Neal as well. We will not be satisfied with just becoming World Tag Champs, we want all the World straps in our possession. Is that a tall order? Absolutely, Can we accomplish what we have set our sights on? Damn right. The NWA and NWA Top Rope need to aware, we are training, we are preparing and we are studying film. We will
make opportunity knock very soon, and we won’t just open the door…. We will pull opportunity to us, and take what should be
ours anyway.

Q: On top of being Top Rope Tag champs you are also the NWA Top Rope Tennessee champ. But recently you got a surprise from a debuting Chris Michaels and now he can get a shot at your belt at anytime. Whats your
feelings on Michaels and this whole situation?

Mike Sircy tried to pull a fast one on me bringing in Chris Michaels, he has been a thorn in my side for years. Michaels had stepped out of active competition for a few months due to an eye injury and I had a touch of sympathy for the old man, he caught me off guard with a kick to the face. It will not happen again, I promise you that. Chris Michaels needs to take his old ass back into retirement before I end his career for good. If he is stupid enough to step through the ropes with me again, I won’t just beat him, I will end what little of a career he has left, and he can send his medical bills to Mike Sircy and NWA Top Rope.

Q: As we all know Tasha Simone is apart of Simply Perfection. Whats it like to have the NWA Womens champ and the best female
wrestler in the world by your side?

There is always a benefit to having a World Champ by your side, male or female. I can see, working with T, what it takes to be a World Champ, she is no nonsense, and holds everyone to a high set of standards, both inside the ring and out. T also works in the capacity of agent for Simply Perfection and it is always nice to have someone handling the business side of things, especially a woman who learned wrestling business dealings for the likes of Chris Adams and Eric Embry.  She can be temperamental, even brutal and has the same philosophy in business matters that she carries in the ring, take no prisoners, but what more could you ask for when wanting to succeed in the NWA? That being said, Simply Perfection is a team, we all make one another better.

Q: A couple months ago you had some issues with veteran Shane Douglas. Care to talk about that and whats your opinion on Douglas in general?

Shane Douglas? The man who disrespected the greatest World Title in pro wrestling, the NWA World Title, by throwing it in a trash can? Douglas has become a shell of his former self, nothing more than a bitch for Crossfire Entertainment. Douglas has done everything he can to hold me down, cutting promos, interfering in my matches, even bringing his own students in to face me, instead of putting me in the ring with quality competition. Douglas looks at me, and sees the greatness he left behind, he wishes he could be the Role Model, but that will never happen. I don’t hide behind a microphone or a video camera like Douglas does, it is time for him to grow a set and step in the ring with me. I will continue to push him until he mans up and agrees to a match with me, and then I will remind him why he quit wrestling, as he is staring at the lights and watching the referee raise my hand in victory.

Q: How long before we see you and Neal challenging the Dark City Fight
Club for the NWA World tag team belts?

We are ready to face DCFC now, the appropriate question is: How long can Mike Sircy and NWA Top Rope keep preventing the match from being signed. Tasha is currently working daily to secure a title match for Simply Perfection, and believe me, DCFC had better be on their A game when the match finally takes place, because failure is not an option for Simply Perfection.

Q: Any last words that you would like to add Arrick?

I intend to be the NWA World Champion, I eat, train and sleep what it takes to be a champion. When the opportunity is offered to me, I will not care who has the strap. Be it Colt Cabana, Adam Pearce or whoever; I am destined for greatness, I am destined to be the NWA World Champion, a title that truly holds prestige and honor, and a rich history and heritage that is second to no other title. The record books will someday read: Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews NWA World Champion, The Greatest and By God the Sexiest Man Alive and Your Role Model.

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