Around the Alliance. Focus on Vendetta Pro and The Cauliflower Alley Club. April 11, 2015.

Our next stop in our tour of the Alliance is in California, home of Vendetta Pro Wrestling where we saw Shamrock Slam 2015 featured NWA Western States Heritage Champion, Matt Riviera defending the title against former Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion, Chris Masters on March 27 at the Radisson Hotel in Santa Maria, California . Check out Masters at
Riviera stated on social media, “This looks to be my toughest title defense to date.” Riviera is making it obvious that he is a top contender to Tenzan’s NWA World Heavyweight Title, facing and defeating the best talent around the world. Shamrock Slam 2015 also featured Ricky Ruffin getting a major victory over former NWA Mid South Unified Heavyweight Champion, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony! That is a big win and should get Ruffin noticed. Here are the complete results from
“3/27/2015 – Santa Maria, California
“Apostle” Judah Mathew defeated “The Game Changer” Greg Hernandez
Sunami defeated “Rebel Rouser” Clay Tawzer
to retain the Vendetta Pro Wrestling Underground Championship
The Von Dooms (Cyanide & Vintage Dragon) def. The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon Ballard w/ Holly Renee)
“The Fallen Flower” Kikyo defeated “Krazy” Kiara Dillon
“The Last Temptation” Ricky Ruffin defeated “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony
“Loverboy” Matt Riviera (w/ “One Man Entourage” Johnny Morton) defeated “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters
to retain the NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship
Alexander G. Bernard & “The Ace” Buddy Royal def. Mike Menace & Sunami
in a Santa Maria Street Fight.” The next day Vendetta Pro made this announcement concerning the Western States Tag Team Championship. “Vendetta Pro Commissioner Joseph Duncan confirmed that Parental Discretion’s Mario Banks had to undergo a medical procedure which kept him out of action at Shamrock Slam. Due to this, the NWA/Vendetta Pro Western States Tag Team Championship was not on the line last night. However, Parental Discretion must make a title defense in the near future against the Classic Connection-Excess Express Coalition to remain titleholders. Gratitude to Vendetta Pro Wrestling Underground Champion Sunami for filling in at the last moment, having already successfully defended his title earlier in the evening against Clay Tawzer.”

The biggest thing going in the NWA right now is the show Vendetta Pro is presenting in Las Vegas, Nevada for The Cauliflower Alley Club, “Casino Royale”. This is the 50th anniversary for CAC and it’s on April 12 & 13 at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Vendetta Pro announced, “In the first match announced from one of our great partner promotions, the Big Valley Wrestling Championship will be on the line as El Torito Juventude will challenge Bryce Slaven. We are told this is the third time that these two have met, and that Torito will have this one final chance at the title. Should he be unsuccessful, he will not receive another shot at the Big Valley title for the remainder of Slaven’s reign as Champion!” Big Valley Wrestling announced, “The second match announced for the Casino Royale that will be presented by Big Valley Wrestling. This will be on the first night of the event, this Sunday. In tag team action we have the tag team of Jason Muse & Rob Love Vs. the team of “The Fighting Scot” Angus McField & “Ballistic” Brent Myers.” The card will also feature Keepers of the Faith, a straight edge tag team. Formerly Freak Squad, Keepers of the Faith are Dom Vitalli & Gabriel Gallo. They will be trying to win the Gold Rush Tag Team Titles from The Iron Era at “Casino Royale”. Take a look at these guys!

Joseph Duncan, the commissioner of ‎NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling, made this announcement about “Casino Royale 2015”.
“For the first time ever at CAC, The Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup–the Fifth Annual–will be awarded! Vendetta Pro Wrestling will be announcing the format of this year’s match soon! We’re being told that Paul “Butcher” Vachon is likely to be on hand to award the cup to the winning woman!” Read CAR’s write up about it at
He then announced, “Another spectacular contest! 2013 Cauliflower Alley Cup winner “The Warlord of Weird” Sinn Bodhi takes on Sam Houston, with Jake “The Snake” Roberts at ringside! The NWA/Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Championship–the only title in the National Wrestling Alliance that is defended only in three man matches–will be on the line at Casino Royale, as titleholder “The Freak” Jeckles The Jester defends against both “Chiseled” Chasyn Rance and Brandon Gatson.” Later in the week Vendetta Pro announced another match. “The Gold Rush Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship will be on the line at Casino Royale, as “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury defends against former TNA X-Division Champion Johnny Devine!” The announcements just kept coming! “Of course, you can’t have Casino Royale without the Fifth-Annual Casino Royale Rumble! Participants from all over the world have battled and will battle for a chance at the Cauliflower Alley Cup! Last year, the Casino Royale Rumble closed night one, and it will again this year. Starting last year, night two began with a Second Chance Battle Royal, unlike the Rumble–in which luck of the draw is a factor–all competitors would start!” In a follow up announcement, we were given some history on the Casino Royale Rumble. “The last four winners of the Casino Royale Rumble:
2011: Shannon Ballard *
2012: Rock Riddle
2013: Sinn Bodhi
2014: Sean Casey **

* The first event was not held with CAC, and was for the vacant Vendetta Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.
** Sean Casey won the Cauliflower Alley Cup after defeating Bobby Sharp, who won the first ever Second Chance Battle Royale.”
Will Peden, the NWA’s Director of Public Relations and Media, announced, “NWA Ringside TV announced Santana Garrett would be giving Barbi Hayden her rematch. But due to circumstances beyond the control of the NWA and Vendetta Pro – Barbi will be waiting for her rematch.” It was then announced, “These two have met recently, with Santana Garrett taking the Ring Warrior’s Battling Bombshells title from La Rosa Negra. Since then, Santana has also taken the SHINE Wrestling Championship from Mia Yim. She is the 2014 Cauliflower Alley Club Future Legend Award winner, and currently holds four women’s championships. Now, at Casino Royale, “La Abusadora” is looking for some revenge as she plans to take the top prize away from Santana–the NWA World Women’s Championship!” Vendetta Pro Wrestling announced the rest of the card, featuring a HUGE unification match. “With all the matches announced (and still to be announced), we don’t want anyone to forget that the NWA National Heavyweight Championship and NWA North American Heavyweight Championship will be UNIFIED at Casino Royale!” And “Former WWE NXT Superstar “War Pig” Jody Kristofferson will go one-on-one against former WWE Tough Enough Contestant Martin Casaus at Casino Royale!” The NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title will be on the line! “The legendary Jushin Thunder Liger defends the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship against Steve Anthony!” Also, “THE Brian Kendrick returns to action at Casino Royale, representing Vendetta Pro Wrestling against The Empire’s “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony!” The entire Empire is here! It was announced, “With his recent successful title defense against Takaaki Watanabe, The Empire’s “Loverboy” Matt Riviera will once again defend the NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship against a familiar foe in Americos! Riviera got past Americos in the first round of the Western States title tournament back at Vendetta Pro Wrestling’s “Reflexion 2015″ event in January, but many may remember that at one point, Americos had Riviera tapping out and all but eliminated from the tournament–if only the referee had seen it. Americos has a chance to make it right by taking the title straight from Riviera.” And don’t forget that the Empire Wrestling Federation will present a huge 6 man tag match featuring their 3 best faces against their 3 biggest heels! You can get more info at these websites.
Here is a good article about CAC and what they do.–+SLAM%21+Sports+-+Wrestling+-+Cauliflower+Alley+Club+set+for+a+big+50th+bash#.VSBWY_f4d0U.facebook
In the final announcement, Vendetta Pro stated, “Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Yes, still another match to announce for Casino Royale, starting this Sunday night in Las Vegas!

The Pro Wrestling Bushido Television Championship will be on the line in this Fatal Four Way match! “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury–already scheduled to defend his Gold Rush Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title–will also be defending his Bushido Television title against Scoot Robertson, Harry Henderson and Funny Bone!” Did anyone mention that this show is FREE?

The Vendetta Vixens are one of the best women’s divisions in the NWA. Thunderkitty claims to be the queen of wrestling. Check her out!

These guys are on the road constantly this spring! They announced on social media, “Vendetta Pro Wrestling / Lucha Libre Vendetta return to the Salinas Valley Fair in King City,Ca Friday May 15th, 2015!!This is our 4th year in a row and honored to be performing again.” This is part of their annual Melee Tour and will feature former Vendetta Pro Tri Force Champion, Ricardo Rodriguez, WWC Universal Champion, Carlito and former 6 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett! Admission is FREE when you pay to get into the fair!
A number of Vendetta Pro Wrestling stars, plus many top stars from around California and the world were part of the King of Indies Tournament on the World Wrestling Network over Wrestlemania weekend. Check it out at
Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion, Lil’ Cholo (part of The Crew on Lucha Underground), Tri Force Champion Jeckles, “War Pig” Kody Kristofferson (son of country music star Kris Kristofferson) and former Vendetta Pro Heavyweight Champion, Rik Luxury we’re all part of the tournament.

Vendetta Pro Radio recently featured Chris Masters on the program, on March 26th. Billy Blade and Joseph Duncan host the show and you can check it out at–32515-w-chris-masters
You can listen to their live show every Thursday, 8 pm at and you can call in at (646) 929-2066 and talk to the crew and their guests, who recently have included not just Masters but Andrea and NWA Women’s Champion, Santana Garrett!

Don’t hate EGO 1st! Take a look at this up and coming tag team.

Expect big things from these guys.

“Men’s Health” is looking for the ultimate guy and Vendetta Pro’s AJ Kirsch is in the running. He has been featured on WWE Tough Enough, Larry King, National TV Commercials and on VH1!
Vote for him at

Vendetta Pro announced a change in their up coming schedule, involving The Melee Tour. “Unfortunately, due to events beyond the control of Vendetta Pro Wrestling, our Melee Tour event scheduled for May 16th in Stockton has been cancelled. However, in it’s place will be another event, as Vendetta Pro returns to the United Boys & Girls Clubs Lompoc Clubhouse on that very same date, May 16th, as part of the Melee Tour 2015! Tickets will be available online through Brown Paper Tickets very soon! The Central Coast’s original, proudly based in Santa Maria, California.”

As always, Vendetta Pro is sanctioned by NWA Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance. Thanks for reading and check back soon to see what’s going on” Around the Alliance”!

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