Around the Alliance. Focus on The Faction.

Welcome to this edition of “Around the Alliance”.
We will be focusing on The Faction and their dominance out of Blue Collar Wrestling in Portland, Oregon this time around.

Badd BloodNWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion, Badd Blood contacted me tonight and stated the following: “Tonight I made history by defending the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship in California. In the entire history of the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship it’s NEVER been defended outside of Oregon, Washington or Idaho. . NWA take notice… HISTORY CONTINUES TO BE MADE. I defeated 2 men Drake Fortune and HFS Steven Andrews to make history. #HISTORYINTHEMAKING
#WHOSNEXT #THEFACTION” He had stated earlier in the week, “On our way to Alpha Omega Wrestling Presents Pride of the Ring. The NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion BADD BLOOD, The NWA Pacific Northwest Television Champion, Buddy Highway and the CZW Heavyweight Champion BLK JEEZ. . Yeah we’re coming to raise hell tonight.. oh and Team High DF we ain’t forgot about you….‪#‎TheFaction‬ ‪#‎Rated2G‬”

Badd Blood had defended the title at Alpha Ω Wrestling’s two night show, Pride in the Ring. Along with the NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champ was Buddy Highway, the NWA Pacific Northwest TV Champion who successfully defended the title against Eric Watts. Alpha Ω was one of the promotions featured at the Cauliflower Alley Club, back in April, and had this to say about the shows, “Day 2 of the tournament will feature the finals including the Heavyweight Championship Match pitting Blake Grayson, who defeated Brian Kendrick last night, versus former IWGP Junior Tag Team Champion, Rocky Romero. The tag team champions are in action, too. Also, in the Women’s Tournament, Tab Jackson vs Lufisto and the men’s tournament, Ron Kilbourn vs Tyler Bateman in the finals and more including Rated 2G, Team High DF, Eric Watts, Jacob Diez and more! At the YMCA in the Civic Center on San Pablo in Palm Desert, California.”
Badd Blood, Pacific Northwest TV Champion, Buddy Highway and The rest of The Faction are dominating indy wrestling throughout the west, from LA to Spokane and everywhere in between. That’s why they were mentioned in the same breath as The Empire, The Illuminati and other top NWA stables in a debate on the NWA’s Facebook fan page recently as the best there is. Alliance-Wrestling will be keeping a very close eye on these guys.

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