Around the Alliance: Focus on Texas. April 21, 2015

Welcome to “Around the Alliance”! This time we are going to focus on a place where the National Wrestling Alliance is red hot, Texas!

Our first stop is going to be at NWA Main Event. Main Event is coming to Meridian, Texas on April 25th. Get your advance tickets for just $10! Visit or on Twitter, @officialMEPW! This event benefits the Meridian Baseball/Softball Association. Former NWA North American Heavyweight Champion, “Big Daddy Yum Yum” Byron Wilcott will face “The Bionic Beast” Franco D’Angelo. Wilcott had this to say about the match, “Franco D’Angelo and I have bled, sweated, and shed tears to get to the top of our game. This is the first time we have fought in five years. Franco is even stronger now than when I first met him! What he does in the weight room is truly amazing. I go into this match to show Franco I haven’t lost a step. In fact I’m even quicker. Finesse beats strength every time.”

On May 2nd the Hull-Daisetta Mayhaw Festival will feature Main Event with Big Daddy Yum Yum vs Luke Hawx headlining! How does it get better than that? Well, I will tell you how, it’s free!

And on May 23rd, Main Event Will bring NWA World Tag Team Champion Lance Archer to Kings Road in Carthage, Texas! Plus, the hottest thing going in the NWA, the unified NWA North American/National Heavyweight Champion and winner of the NWA Smoky Mountain Cup, Jax Dane will be there!

Our next stop is in NWA Texoma. On April 17th they had their Anniversary Show at The Sherman Elks Lodge BPOE 2280. The line up included Andy Dalton vs Mike Foxx, NWA Texas Champion Franco D’Angelo vs James Claxton, Apoc Wrestler vs Moonshine Mantell, former NWA North American Champion Tim Storm vs Brent McKenzie, NWA Texoma Texas Rose Champion, Claudia Marto with Jessi Jaimes vs Bree Ann Hatfield, NWA Texoma Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Dane Griffin vs Raymond Rowe & Shane Taylor, and NWA Texoma Heavyweight Champion Jerome Daniels vs Keith Lee!

Get details at

Andy Dalton was a featured guest on the “Indy Power Rankings Reveal” podcast on April 14th. Go listen to him at

Brent “Killer” McKeznie, Andy Dalton and James Claxton all were in Havana, Illinois on April 18th for Proving Ground Pro. If you do not follow these guys on social media start! That road trip was fantastic! I suggest you go follow Brent McKenzie on Facebook, right now. He is a passionate fellow and always interesting, and it’s not all fun and games, as you can tell by his reaction to the death of AAA star El Hijo del Perro Aguayo. Mr. McKenzie stated, “Listening to the idiots on 105.3, The Fan, talk about how piledrivers have been outlawed and the whole El Hijo del Perro Aguayo situation is truly mind numbing..” Somebody stated, “That stuffs fake.” Mr. McKenzie didn’t take kindly to that stupidity, and rightly so. He told them, “Tell that to my neck, shoulders and back this morning. Tell that to the family of Perro Aguayo who have to bury a family member this week.” Kevin Dagger backed him up, stating, “Fake? Someone should tell the degenerating disks in my neck and lower back that it’s fake.” These guys put their bodies and lives on the line, for us, the fans, every time they step in the ring. They deserve our respect.

NWA Texoma stars are representing the NWA in Metroplex Wrestling. First, Charlie Haas, 1/2 of NWA Texoma Tag Team Champions, defeated Keith Lee at MPX on April 18th. Then, Jerome Daniels, MPX Heavyweight Champion (and NWA Texoma Heavyweight Champion) defeated Randy Wayne on April 18 to retain the title and remain undefeated in his last 14 matches.

Our third stop in Texas is with one of the premier promotions in the NWA, Inspire Pro. Let’s get our hands dirty right away with this footage of Matthew Palmer trying to keep his promise and kill his nemesis, “Dirty” Andy Dalton.

Inspire Pro put on their big event, Phenomenon back on March 22, in Austin, Texas. The first match saw Jessica James defeat Cherry Ramons. “Ultimo Sex Symbol” Thomas Munos got the win over Sky De Lacrimosa. “Untouchable” Alex Reigns & “One Man” Mike Dell went over on The World Class Syndicate, “The Texas Lion” Carson & “The Pride Of Professional Wrestling” Barrett Brown. After the match Moonshine Mantell turned on The World Class Syndicate, forming a trio, with Reigns and Dell, that has stated domination is their goal! “Just” Steve’O Reno retained the J-Crown Championship against “Jiggle-O” James Johnson. The Tag Team Rumble Match was won by Killer McKenzie & “Cowboy” James Claxton. The match included the teams of Sorrow & Extinction (“Unholy” Gregory James & Kyle Hawk), The Pump Patrol (Jared Wayne & Curt Matthews), Erik Shadows & Matt Riot, VG Allin & Wade Olsen & The Orphans (Zac & DG Taylor). Keith Lee was victorious over Thomas Shire and won the Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Championship. “Absolute” Ricky Starks beat NWA World Tag Team Champion, “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt by countout. Ray “Death” Rowe bested “The Bionic Beast” Franco D’Angelo. Delilah Doom got the upset over Barbi Hayden. Angelus Layne returned from being injured to attack Doom after the match. Doom also appears to have an arrangement with “Dirty” Andy Dalton who beat “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer in a Street Fight when Palmer quit, to retain the Inspire Pro Championship. This was a loser leaves town match and Palmer is now gone from Inspire Pro.

On May 31st, Inspire Pro will present In Their Blood 2, at the Marchesa Hall and Theater. There will be a double main event! First, “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena, “The Buzzsaw of the XX Division” Jessica James and The New Movement’s Delilah Doom face off in a Triple Threat Match to crown the first ever XX Division Champion. And then, Inspire Pro Heavyweight Champion, “Dirty” Andy Dalton tries to extend his 8 month reign against ROH star, ACH. ACH beat “Absolute” Ricky Starks and NWA World Tag Team Champion, Lance Hoyt to become the #1 contender at Undeniable. He has been on a tear lately, beating Tommaso Ciampa on April 3rd on a Pro Wrestling Guerilla card in California and has the attention of BJ Whitmer and Adam Page in ROH. ACH has seen success all over the place! ROH, NWA, and he is the High Risk Wrestling Champion, out of Illinois. Last week he teamed with Davey Vega at St Louis Anarchy beating Mikey McFinnigan & Zakk Sawyer on April 17th then faced Christian Rose & Jeremy Wyatt the same night! He defeated Louis Lyndon the next night. It doesn’t matter if he is in Texas, St Louis, Illinois or anywhere in the country, ACH is proving to be one of the best there is! And making their debut, The World’s Cutest Tag Team, PWG Tag Team Champions, Joey Ryan & Candice Lerae, who will be facing Angelus Layne and the man Dalton christened “The Insurance Policy”, former NWA North American Champion, Tim Storm. Ryan is a former TNA star and was featured in the main event of night 1 at King of the Indies on Wrestlemania weekend.
And speaking of TNA, Ethan Carter III will be at In Their Blood, too! Also, lined up for the card, Inspire Pro announced, “Following the events of PHENOMENON, we have come to find out that Barrett Brown has demanded a one-on-one match at IN THEIR BLOOD 2, with none other than the former Inspire Pro Champion “One Man” Mike Dell. When asked about his desire to face Mike Dell, Barrett said, “I’ve actually looked up to Mike Dell for most of my career and have always wanted to share the ring with him one day. I just never thought it would be under those kind of circumstances.”

Ever since Alex Reigns interjected himself back into the picture, the reformed and revised World Class Syndicate has seemingly derailed. Reigns has been vocal that he didn’t necessarily have a problem with the World Class Syndicate going on without him, but rather he was disappointed in the caliber of his replacement. Reigns even hinted in a backstage interview at our last event that Carson would even be welcome into the trifecta he is currently apart of if he would atone by ditching Brown. Carson has yet to respond, but these comments have lit a fire inside of Brown. Barrett is now determined to prove that he deserves his place in the World Class Syndicate.

However, it will be quite a task for Barrett Brown as he looks to defeat the man who stood atop Inspire Pro’s ranks for eight months as this company’s inaugural champion. Making his first appearance last month since losing his championship back in August, “One Man” Mike Dell seems more focused than ever. And, now with Alex Reigns and Moonshine Mantell by his side, could there be any stopping Dell? Barrett Brown thinks so.

“You know it’s funny,” said Barrett, “Before Moonshine turned his back on me and Carson, I remember him telling me that for all my potential, there was a missing ingredient. He said he didn’t believe I had what it took to be truly vicious. Then, he said, ‘we’re going to give you that edge.’”

Barrett vows “I think it’s about time I make Moonshine regret that piece of advice. I respect the heck out of Mike Dell. He’s done everything there is to do in this state, and been to the mountains beyond. When I step in that ring with Mike Dell, you are going to see a very different Barrett Brown. It’s time to get mean. And by the end of our match, he will respect me.”
Tickets are available at

Inspire Pro Heavyweight Champion, Andy Dalton made his Ring of Honor debut in a tag match with Ken Phoenix against Ray “Death” Rowe and Hanson, War Machine, in a crushing defeat on April 4th in San Antonio. Rowe also competes in Inspire Pro. Will this translate into a future title shot, back home in the NWA?

Rowe and Hanson have been very successful in ROH and on April 25th you can see the Inspire Pro star and his partner in Hopkins, Minnesota as the Conquest Tour pits these two beasts against the ROH World Heavyweight Champion, Jay Briscoe and his brother Mark in tag team action. Hanson was in a fatal four way match against Jay in Las Vegas at ROH’s 13th Anniversary PPV back on March 1st, which is when Rowe made his return from a career threatening motorcycle crash. This will be a rematch from their ROH TV match in August of last year (watch that match, right here! Get more info on the Conquest Tour at
The April 18th episode of ROH TV featured Ray “Death” Rowe, too! Check him out at:
Mr. Rowe was recently interviewed by and talked about his motorcycle accident last year. Read it at:

ACH and Ray Rowe aren’t the only ones enjoying success by branching out. Inspire Pro’s Franco D’Angelo plays an Orion guard in Star Trek Renegade, an independently produced pilot for a new TV series.

Inspire Pro is leading the charge in marketing branded products among NWA promotions. Here is the announcement from Inspire Pro on their latest.
“JUST ANNOUNCED: We are excited and proud to partner with the amazing folks at Filsinger Games, who produces the leading wrestling-based tabletop card game. Look for the stars of Inspire Pro Wrestling in an upcoming pack very soon!” Filsinger Games is the maker of Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game.

And finally, just before publishing this, I discovered Ray “Death” Rowe will face Ricky Starks at In Their Blood 2 to determine the #1 contender for the Inspire Pro Heavyweight Title! Rowe was the #1 contender last year when he suffered multiple major injuries in a motorcycle crash. He has battled back and has earned a shot at the top once again!

Our next stop on our tour of Texas is Smash Mouth Wrestling, for BMFs by BMFs. They are presenting, in conjunction with Buff Water, Next Episode on June 6th in Arlington at the Bob Duncan Center located at 2800 S. Center St in Vandergriff Park. Tickets are available at Celeste’s Closet Resale Shop in Alvarado / Mansfield, The Head Shed in Burleson, and T&A’s Wrestling Palace Booth 1310 at Traders Village for $10-20. Proceeds will help fund the Brody Blakely Medical Assistance Fund. Scheduled to appear are Luke Hawx, Action Jackson, Byron Wilcott, Jax Dane, Jesse Sorenson, James Claxton, Sammy Guevavara, and Ricky Starks! There is more info at
@nwasmashmouth on Twitter and at

Smash Mouth announced two big matches, “Already announced, “Big Daddy Yum Yum” defends his “Bull of the Woods” Championship against the “Texas Legend” Action Jackson and Bulls Collide when Jax Dane defends his newly won NWA Unified North American / National Championship against the 6’6, over 300lbs “Cowboy” James Claxton.” Then they sweetened the deal by announcing this! “‪#‎LetThereBeFight‬

It is with great pleasure to announce one of the most intense & athletic individuals in the world (ROH, TNA & Japan star) Davey @WesleyRichards is coming to The Next Episode, June 6th LIVE from the Bob Duncan Center (2800 S. Center St. in Vandergriff Park) in Arlington, TX.

Richards, well known around the globe, is a former multi Champion bringing his Smash Mouth style to the rest of the BMFs for his North Texas debut.

Our next stop in Texas is over at Wrestling Revolution, down in McAllen. They just released a pretty cool t-shirt with their logo. Check it out at:
If you want one order a money order may be placed Walmart to Walmart, under the name Jovan Dominique Caceres for $20, including shipping. Sizes small to XL. Make sure to include your mailing address!

You can watch Revolution in Review: Revolution Execution right here!

Wrestling Revolution also brought us Jax Dane versus Ray Rowe! That’s two of the world’s best! Watch it now!

At Cine el Rey, Wrestling Revolution presented South Texas Chaos! Ray Rowe returned to action in Wrestling Revolution against Ray Knyte. “The Dirtiest of the Dirtiest” Andy Dalton was there. They brought us Jim Justice, Ruthless Lala & Tony Strong in 6 man action against Total Pimp, Machiko & Teddy Hart. And Vermin vs Erik Shadows for the South Texas Title!

The local news featured Ray Rowe, who was in town with ROH.

Check out Erik Shadows, Vermin, Matt Riot, Ray Rowe, Tony Strong, Teddy Hart, Ruthless Lala, Danny Ramóns and all the Wrestling Revolution’s best competitors doing what they do best!

In case you missed it they posted, “Check out Arab Assault from back in February when former WWE Superstar, Jinder Mahal teams up with Akbar Farat to take on The Renegades of Wrestling, Coven and Bandana Joe.

You do not want to miss this NWA Wrestling Revolution action!”

Wrestling Revolution provided footage of their big Dying Breed show. Here is their rundown.
“The Dying Breed” saw the rivalry between the Renegade Militia and The Bold and the Beautiful thicken, a debut of a new Warrior hitting his first obstacle in Jared Noir, Ray Rowe challenging for the Wildcat Heavyweight Title, Ricky Starks taking on Jax Dane for the NWA National Heavyweight Title and the continued unraveling of Novum Genus as Erik Shadows gets some “deadly” help against the G.O.D.’s.

You do not want to miss this one folks! ”

Jax Dane was in town defending the National Heavyweight Title. Here is what happened! “As Novum Genus begins to unravel, Erik Shadows battles “Godzilla” Jax Dane for the NWA National Heavyweight Title. The Wolf of Chaos however, does not want help form his Novum brethren. Watch as the chaos ensues.”

Erik Shadows VS Jax Dane (NWA National Heavyweight Championship) (Chain of Fate)
–March 20, 2015.

Wrestling Revolution reported, “Last month Friday the 13th was a gruesome affair as Vermin challenged the “One True Demon” Jackal for his South Texas Title in Jackal’s specialty, a Hangman’s Noose Match. Did Vermin exercise the evil from the South Texas Championship or will Jackal claim another victim? Find out here.”

“Check out a review of Friday’s event, “Feed the Beast” and watch the chaos of a “Feed the Beast” Match were the loser has to eat dog food and witness Cedric Valiant tear down the house with The Juicy One, Danny Ramóns.

Also on the card, two stellar tag team matches featuring Ruthless Lala, Erik Shadows, G.O.D.’s, Claudia del Solis, Richard Reason, Jared Noir, & Kon “Primal Warrior” Hawk.”

And coming up, on April 24th, Wrestling Revolution presents Jackpot Battle Royal! Twenty plus wrestlers will fight for s chance at a title shot!

Next we are going to take a look at Top of Texas, out of Amarillo!

They reported the following:
“We just released the footage of Nathan Briggs attacking Shane Garrett. It starts with the first attack by Nathan, followed by the video aired at The WrestlePlex this past weekend. Check it out now! — via Top of Texas Wrestling fans

The Attack On Shane Garrett (March 21, 2015)

That led to what happened on this card as reported by Top of Texas.
“RESULTS – April 4th, 2015 (#Cameragate)
The following took place on Saturday night, April 4th at The WrestlePlex.
– General Manager Mikey H came out and addressed the main event, stating he knows the feud between Shane Garrett and Nathan Briggs would be far from over. Ryan Justice came out and demanded another shot at the Heavyweight Championship. Mikey said he would get another chance, but Ryan has to defeat his opponent, Phoenix.
– In Singles Competition, Ryan Justice defeated Phoenix to become the Number One Contender to the NWA Top Of Texas Heavyweight Championship.
– In Singles Competition, Nolen Phillips defeated Bryan Rage to retain the NWA Top Of Texas Light Heavyweight Championship.
– Chad Thomas Versus Rex Logan went to a No Contest when the two brawled on the outside past the referee’s 10 count. Afterwards, Jay Hazzard speared Rex on the ramp, and The Dirt Road Dynasty continued their assault. Jack Logan then evoked the “Freebirds Rule”, allowing any member of The DRD to hold the Tag Team Championships, making Chad the new Champion with Jay.
– In Singles Competition, Benny Benitez defeated El Josho.
– Jordan Calubs won a Bunkhouse Stampede Qualifier Match.
– In Singles Competition, Nathan Briggs defeated Shane Garrett to become the NEW NWA Top Of Texas Panhandle Champion! Toward the end of the match, while the referee was checking on Nate, camera woman Victoria Stone blasted Shane with powder!”

Is the end in sight of the vicious Briggs/Garrett fued? Top of Texas reported that we can look forward to this!
“-BREAKING NEWS- Shane Garret invokes his rematch against Nathan Briggs for the Panhandle Championship in a Fans Bring The Weapons Match on May 9th!”

And finally, one of the NWA’s best is on his way!
“We’ll jump on this ‪#‎FlyerFriday‬ bandwagon, reminding you that ROH Star Ray “Death” Rowe is on his way to the Yellow City Warzone on May 2nd!”

Top of Texas Wrestling fans reported, “Courtesy of SEM Media Productions, here is just a small taste ?of the upcoming Top Of Texas SlamCast, coming to our YouTube page @ !” And they followed it up with, “As announced last night, our new webseries, Top Of Texas SlamCast, will debut May 5th at 7:00pm! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page and be the first to catch all the action of SlamCast!”

And for a first time ever, “Around the Alliance” presents the NWA Texas Top Ten. 1. Ray Rowe 2. Andy Dalton 3. ACH 4.Jax Dane 5. Erick Shadows 6. Ricky Starks 7. James Claxton 8. Byron Wilcott 9. Franco D’Angelo 10. Lance Hoyt. These are the guys I personally want to see get a shot at Tenzan and the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

Well that’s it for this edition of “Around the Alliance”! Before you go, please visit this link and help the fight to prevent suicide.
Thank you! As Ed Whalen used to say “in the mean time and in between time, so long!”

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