Around the Alliance. Focus on Tennessee. April 11, 2015

Around the Alliance, Focus on Tennessee. April 11, 2015

This week we are going to focus on Tennessee starting with one of the NWA’s premier promotions, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, where NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion,Jason Kincaid, has established himself as one of the Alliance’s elite competitors. On Saturday, March 21, 2015 he won the 19th annual Super 8 tournament held in ECWA. This is what “The Gift” had to say about it, “Beating three men in one night to win the ECWA Super 8 Tournament, taking a nap, then driving 8+ hours to beat Cauliflower Brown at AML Wrestling in Winston-Salem, NC, a lofty goal? Ab-so-lutely! Is it impossible? Hell nah! Ain’t no rest for the Gifted. Mediocrity can suck it!” The NWA extended its congratulations to Mr. Kincaid in a statement on social media.

Over on they reported the results of the Smoky Mountain Wrestling card held on Saturday, March 21, 2015 in Kingsport, Tennessee at Sullivan Middle School.

“Jordan Kage defeated Ali Shabazz to retain the NWA Smoky Mountain TV Title.

–Jeff Connelly & The Giant Arawn defeated Cody Blade & Daniel Mulligan. According to the stipulations of the match, Blade and Mulligan now are part of the KAOS faction.

–Gavin Daring defeated Skylar Kruze by DQ.

–The Heatseekers, Sigmon & Elliott Russell, defeated Skylar Kruze & Ali Shabazz in a non-title match.

–In an NWA Smoky Mountain TV Title match, Jordan Kage and Nick Hammonds battled to a time limit draw. Kage remains champion.

–Vince Brent defeated Chris Richards.”

The NWA Smoky Mountain Newswire reported that the Smoky Mountain Cup is just around the corner.

“NWA Smoky Mountain is giving back to its great fans and offering free admission on Friday, April 17, as the Smoky Mountain Cup takes place at the Civic Auditorium in Kingsport, TN.
This is an unprecedented opportunity, not only to see an NWA Smoky Mountain event at the Civic Auditorium for free but also to witness our signature yearly tournament at zero cost.
NWA Smoky Mountain wanted to take this step after our 13th Anniversary event earlier this year was cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control — the first time ever one of our events scheduled at the Civic did not take place. Thanks to the generosity of our title sponsor Dalton Direct Carpets and Flooring we’re able to extend this offer to our fans. So, whether you’re a longtime fan of NWA Smoky Mountain or someone who’s been wanting to check out one of our events but never done so, this is the perfect time! Come out and pack the Civic Auditorium to witness the top professional wrestling in the Southern United States for yourself!
The Smoky Mountain Cup is a 12-man, one-night tournament. The winner of the 2015 Cup will earn a shot at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title, currently held by Tenzan.
Here’s the complete field of participants in this year’s Smoky Mountain Cup!
–Jason “The Gift” Kincaid, NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion
–Jax Dane, NWA National Heavyweight Champion
–“Picture Perfect” Jordan Kage, NWA Smoky Mountain TV Champion
–“Sensational” Wayne Adkins
–“The Prodigy” Vince Brent
–“The Specialist” Jeff Connelly
–“Dangerous” Gavin Daring
–“Notorious” Nick Hammonds
–“The Crown Jewel” Chase Owens
–“The Tennessee Redneck” Chris Richards
–“The Radical Ninja” Skylar Kruze
–“Mr. Everybody Knows” Shawn Shultz
Twelve top-notch professional wrestlers but only one of them will be crowned winner of the Smoky Mountain Cup and earn a chance at the “10 pounds of Gold.”

This is what Smoky Mountain Wrestling had to say about Mr. Kincaid’s victory. “Jason “The Gift” Kincaid added his name to a long and impressive lineage on Saturday night. The reigning NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion won the prestigious Super 8 Tournament in New Jersey.
Some of the top stars in wrestling have won the Super 8 through the years. By claiming the trophy, “The Gift” has added his name to a list of Super 8 champions that includes Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, Davey Richards, Paul London and Jerry Lynn.
Last year, Kincaid outlasted 11 other men to win the 2014 Smoky Mountain Cup. Kincaid looks to maintain his momentum and repeat as tournament champion in this year’s Cup.”

Later in the week we found out from Smoky Mountain Wrestling the following news release about the Smoky Mountain Cup. “The tournament consists of the following six first-round matches. Winners advance to a six-way elimination final. Only one man will be left standing as winner of the 2015 Smoky Mountain Cup!
NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion, Jason “The Gift” Kincaid
“The Strong Style Redneck” Chris Richards
w/ Rob Knight
“The Prodigy” Vince Brent
NWA Smoky Mountain TV Champion, “Picture Perfect” Jordan Kage
w/ Dylan Wayne Sizemore
NWA National Heavyweight Champion, “Godzilla” Jax Dane
“Dangerous” Gavin Daring
w/ Dylan Wayne Sizemore
“Sensational” Wayne Adkins
“The Crown Jewel” Chase Owens
w/ Rob Knight
Skylar Kruze
“Mr. Everybody Knows” Shawn Shultz
“Notorious” Nick Hammonds
“The Cleaner” Jeff Connelly
w/ Judas the Mad Hatter, Saradox & Travis Dykes
Plus, in a special attraction, The Heatseekers, Sigmon and Elliott Russell, defend the NWA U.S. Tag Titles against the Tate Twins.
Visit to keep up with all the news, match announcements and results for NWA Smoky Mountain. Also be sure to like NWA Smoky Mountain on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @nwasmokymtn.”

Smoky Mountain wrestling is proud to announce another spectacular card they have coming up. “Tickets to Collision Course 10 are still on sale and going fast! This event takes place Saturday, May 9, from the Civic Auditorium in Kingsport and is the most star-studded event in NWA Smoky Mountain history.
See the following stars in action:
–John Morrison, former WWE Superstar
–“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, current IWGP Heavyweight Champion
–“Iron Man” Rob Conway, former two-time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion
–Matt Taven, IWGP World Tag Team Champion
– “Godzilla” Jax Dane, current NWA National Heavyweight Champion
–Jason “The Gift” Kincaid, current NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion
–“The Crown Jewel” Chase Owens, former three-time NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion
As a special treat NWA President R. Bruce Tharpe will be appearing in Kingsport for the first time at this event!

The first match has been announced for Collision Course 10 on Saturday, May 9, in ‪#‎Kingsport‬! Two of the greatest innovators in professional wrestling meet one on one as Jason Kincaid takes on John Morrison! Kincaid’s NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Title WILL be on the line if he is still champion then. Can Morrison end the longest active championship reign in the NWA?

On Friday, April 3rd 2015 Smoky Mountain Wrestling presented NWA Stampede. Before the event they sold the Vince Brent vs Chris Richards match online.”Friday night at ‪#‎nwastampede‬ in Elizabethton, Vince Brent faces Chris Richards in a huge rematch. Both men have something to prove heading into this match, and we break it down in this preview.

Jason “The Gift” Kincaid talked on social media about his weekend. “Weekend results, Saturday: defeated Benny Conley via pinfall (Grave Of The Fireflies) in Clarksburg, WV, Sunday: defeated Johnny Gunn via disqualification (stike with foreign object) in Marrietta, OH, both matches for 605 Championship Wrestling. Thanks to all the fans for coming out and showing support!”

Chase Owens, was in Winnipeg, Canada this week, but Collision Course was on his mind. On social media he stated, “When I started training there was one man that I wanted to be like. Now after 8 years my dream match is going to happen. Although the IWGP Title is not on the line I have something to prove. May 9th I face the phenomenal Aj Styles.”

On April 3rd Mr. Kincaid talked about his pursuit of the SCW Openweight Title on social media and adding it to his collection of gold.”TONIGHT, you can catch me at Savage Championship Wrestling’s event: WANTED, In Marmet, WV. I’ll be battling it out against a quick-rising athlete named Tanner Reynolds. With a win, tonight, I could very well put my name in the hat for a shot at the SCW Openweight Championship. So, let’s do this! ‪#‎Gift4Gold”‬

Not to be outdone, Chase Owens had something to say about his upcoming schedule. “May has shaped up to be a very big month for me. I make debuts in Minneapolis for Steel Domain Wrestling, followed by wrestling Aj Styles, May 9th at NWA Smoky Mtn, May 16th debut for Mega in Ohio, the very next week I make debuts at AIW in Cleveland, Ohio and AML in Winston Salem. Very excited and very blessed to be able to do what I love.”

“The Gift” had a successful weekend and let everyone know. “Weekend results:

Defeated Benny Conley via pinfall (Grave Of The Fireflies), in Marmet, WV, for Savage Championship Wrestling, on 4/3/15.

Defeated Jack Pollock and Bryan Bowers via pinfall (O’Connor Roll on Pollock), in Fairmont, WV, for Vicious Outcast Wrestling, on 4/4/15.

Thanks to all the fans who came out and showed some love!”

Make sure to watch this week’s episode of NWA Smoky Mountain TV! Available at

Smoky Mountain Wrestling presented Cyclone Stampede in Elizabethton, Tennessee on Friday, April 3rd at Elizabethton High School. They reported, “–Skylar Kruze defeated Gavin Daring in an “I Quit” Match when Daring gave up before Kruze could hit him with a steel pipe. Jordan Kage helped Daring attack Kruze after the match but EZ Money made the save and challenged The Agency to a tag team contest later that night.
–Jeff Connelly defeated Prince Stanley.
–Vince Brent defeated Daniel Mulligan.
–Cody Blade defeated Tristen Ramsey.
–The Heatseekers defeated Axton Ray & Bryan Montgomery.
–EZ Money & Skylar Kruze defeated Gavin Daring & Jordan Kage.”

Former tag team partners and two of the best in the NWA Jason Kincaid and Chris Richards have had many battles including last month in Sneedsville. This was a brawl! On April 17 at the Smoky Mountain Cup they meet in the 1st round. Here is their match from 3 weeks ago as a preview of what we are going to see!

Coming up Friday, April 10th, Kincaid goes one on one with Jack Pollock at Vicious Outcast Wrestling: April Assault in Connellsville, Pennsylvania!

And just in case you haven’t caught on to how great the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion is, here is West Virginia’s Governor Tomblin congratulating Mr. Kincaid on his Super 8 victory!

Tennessee is a hot spot for NWA wrestling and our next stop on this tour of the Alliance is in Dyersburg to check in on NWA Mid South. On Friday, March 20th they celebrated, what they called a historic ribbon cutting celebrating the Herb Welch WrestlePlex. Former NWA champion, Rob Conway, NWA Western States Heritage Champion, Matt Riviera, and NWA Mid South Champion, Greg Anthony were all in attendance as was Dyersburg Mayor, John Holden. NWA Mid South had this to say about the event on social media, “March 20. We are set to begin a new era for ‪#‎prowrestling‬ in the Midsouth! ‪#‎HistoryIsHere‬ with the BEST in ‪#‎indywrestling‬ TODAY!” The big news from that night’s event was “Maverick” Gaylon Summers defeated Conway to become number 1 contender to the NWA Mid South Unified Heavyweight Title! But, all is not well in Mid South, as they posted on social media. “While NWA Mid South celebrated the ribbon cutting at the Wrestle Plex a disturbing video showed up in their in box. Darkness falls? What’s coming to NWA MidSouth’s Ultra Brawl on April 4th?” And here is the video they were referring to.

On March 28th, in Dyersburg, Tennessee NWA Mid South saw Jamal Swag & Damarius Jones face the Posse, Wonderboy got a disqualified in his match with Dale Wylde when Jason Rose attacked Wylde getting some payback for costing him the NWA Mid South Unified Heavyweight Title, and Jon Michaels made “Maverick” follow the rules in a No DQ Match against Brandon Espinosa.
Ultra Brawl shaped up to be a big card featuring Takaaki Watanabe from NJPW. Watanabe faced Riviera for the NWA Western States Heritage Title. You can watch Riviera vs Watanabe right here! Riviera defends against Wataanabe at Ultra Brawl!
“Maverick” Waylon Summers took a bunch of chair shots, had powder thrown in his eyes and survived “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony’s figure four and came out on top, winning the NWA Mid South Unified Heavyweight Title!

The Posse won the Mid South Tag Team Titles in a match against Van Borne and Justice. The titles had been held by The Empire but were vacated when they failed to defend them.

He may not have the Unified Heavyweight Title or Mid South Tag Team Titles anymore, but he is still one of the best in the ring. And out of it. The guy can cut a promo. Watch “Greg Anthony Tells a Story…”

NWA Mid South has a show every Saturday night and here is what they had to say on social media about this week’s upcoming card. “He is one of the most famous managers in Memphis Wrestling history, He is one of very few managers to managing a man in the Main Event of WrestleMania, The Rock has even publically thanked him on talk shows like The Tonight Show, plus he was even a WWE Women’s Champion! . You may know him as Harvey Whippleman but in this area he will always be DOWNTOWN BRUNO and he will be live at NWA Mid South this Saturday night! This Saturday Night! See the Legendary Downtown Bruno inducted into the Hall of Champions! We have two big rematches signed for THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, April 11th, as a result of the fallout from ‪#‎UltraBrawl2015‬! @RealJeremyMoore will try to redeem himself against the man who shocked the world by defeating the “Epitome of ‪#‎SportsEntertainment‬” – TJ Lightning! And Jason Peter Rose will take on “Drop Dead” Dale Wylde in a return Grudge Match! ‪#‎HistoryIsHere In tag team action THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, April 11th, are the newly crowned @NWA_MidSouth tag team champions The Posse & the new ‪#‎UnifiedHeavyweightChampion‬ “Maverick” Gaylon Summers will be competing as well! ‪#‎HistoryIsHere‬ with the best in ‪#‎ProWrestling‬ TODAY!”

That’s it for our “Focus on Tennessee”. Check back for our “Focus on Vendetta Pro”, later today! Thanks for reading!

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