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Welcome to “Around the Alliance”, where we are going to take a look at the expansion of the National Wrestling Alliance, who recently announced four new members, including Fight Nation! in the UK, Blue Collar Wrestling in Oregon, NWA Pandemonium in Oklahoma and the focus of this article, NWA Supreme in Indiana.

Shawn Sands is the promoter for NWA Supreme, owned by Jeremy Bevens, which puts on about 80 shows a year in the cities of Madison, Seymour, North Vernon, Clarksville, and Versailles, all in Indiana.

Supreme got its start on August 24th, 1997 as South Central Wrestling. In January, 1999 they became Supreme Championship Wrestling. They featured big name legends such as Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, The New Rock’n’Roll Express featuring Ricky Morton and his cousin, Todd Morton, and Koko B. Ware who became the SCW Supreme Champion in 2001. In August of 2004, they joined Dale Gagne’s American Wrestling Alliance. The NWA’s All Action Wrestling in Australia also was a member of the AWA at the time. During their time with the AWA, Supreme added stars such as Dutch Mantell and “Ironman” Rob Conway and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express held the Supreme tag belts for 6 months. In 2008, due to legal problems between Mr. Gagne and the WWE, Supreme chose to drop the AWA affiliation and went back to the Supreme Championship Wrestling name. In 2011, following a brief hiatus, they returned under the name American Wrestling All-Stars Supreme, and added stars such as “Superstar” Bill Dundee and Sharkboy. At this time Rob Conway was added to the roster as a full time wrestler. On April 3rd, 2015 they joined the National Wrestling Alliance as NWA Supreme. When asked about their talent, NWA Supreme responded, “Our current roster has a bunch of great talent. “The Texas Outlaw” Thomas Mitchell is our current Heavyweight Champ. Standing at 6’3″ and weighing in at 348 lbs, no one wants to be on the receiving end of his “Longhorn” Slam! Giving Outlaw a run for his money is the monstrous Drew Dillinger. Tipping the scales at 361 lbs and standing at 6’4″, this behemoth is liable to spear someone in half! NWA Supreme also includes plenty of young stars. The “One Man Militia” Johnny Justice is a pure athlete, gifted with natural in ring talent and ability. Not to be outshined by his older step brother, “Mr. By the Book” Dino Stephanopolis, is here to prove to Johnny that raw force does not always triumph over a solid technical background. Then there are our hometown favorites. “Custom Made” Eric Draven has wrestled in 47 states, but NWA Supreme is his true home. Performing for 23 years, Draven hasn’t slowed down a bit. Still performing like a cruiserweight in his prime, Draven can arguably throw the best dropkick in the business. Draven’s off again-on again rival/partner is Spazz. Standing at only 5’6″, Spazz has proven time and time again, that even a small dog can pack a huge bite. Currently managing both Spazz and Draven, is Mortimer Blankenship III. Morty knows the ins and outs of professional wrestling like no other. While Morty mostly relies on his brains, he isn’t afraid to get physically involved when necessary. On May 15th NWA Supreme’s Women’s Division will make its debut featuring “Crazy” Mary Dobson (recently featured on NXT as Sarah Dobson) , Roni Nichole, Hayley Shadows, Lexi Green, and Karma (not to be confused with Awesome Kong.) NWA Supreme has a show every Saturday at 2520 Lanier Drive in Madison IN and most Fridays in various cities around Southern Indiana.”

On May 15th NWA Supreme promoted a show at Shawe Memorial High School in Madison, Indiana as a fund raiser for the high school band.

They reported the results of the show, as follows, on social media.

“* Moondog Bane defeated Chuck McRoberts to become The NWA Open-Door Champion after striking Chuck with a Bone

* Matt Atreya pinned Van Martigan following a “Pumphandle Cutter”

* Yukon Mike, Mike Trusty, and Dash Venture defeated Wasted Talent in 6-man tag action

* Hayley Shadows become NWA Supreme’s FIRST Women’s champion defeating Lexi Green for that honor.

* Spazz defeated Jesse Morris in a fans strap the loser match

* Custom Made Eric Draven defeated Ironman Rob Conway to become Indiana’s #1 Contender to The NWA World Championship. However the match is under review as Rob may have gotten his foot on the rope before the Three Count.

* Texas Outlaw retained the NWA Supreme Championship, defeating Drew Dillanger in a Texas Bullrope Match when Outlaw Power-bombed The near 400 pound Dillanger.”

You can watch highlights of the show at

You can check NWA Supreme ‘s website out at or check them out on Facebook at

NWA Supreme puts on a show every Saturday night at the James Bowling Event Center in Madison, Indiana. Admission is $6 and doors open at 6:30, bell time is 7:30.

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