Around the Alliance. April 29th, 2015.

Around the Alliance. April 24th, 2015.

This is the one place you can get the most news on the NWA. Put simply, we are the best there is. We cover every major title, promotion, wrestler and event. It’s a big alliance and there are promotions all over the country from Texas to Tennessee, Florida to California, Ohio to the Pacific Northwest and more, all covered right here. Having said that, let’s get to the action!

Around Appalachia

Our first stop on this tour is in Kentucky with NWA Appalachia, who had a card on April 18th at the National Guard Armory in Ashland, Kentucky. The big match there featured “The Future” Eddy Young getting the win over ATM by submission. Also featured on the card was Alex Angel and Brandon Tagertt. Check them out at
You can check out EPW’s “Holiday Hangover” from January of 2014 to see “The Future” Eddy Young as he takes on “Party Animal” Justin Storm, right here.

Also, here is footage of “Mr. Wrestling 101” vs Alex Angel at Prime Time Wrestling from February of this year.

Also, on the card Larry D beat Nate Cross by pinfall, Brandon Tagertt lost to Bob Murdoch by pinfall, and Jordan Kage beat Ronnie Roberts by pinfall.

Prime Time Wrestling will be at Bourbon County Fairgrounds on Friday, May 8th and in Winchester, Kentucky at the YMCA on May 9 and will feature Brandon Taggert, Alex Angel and ATM.

Around Atlanta

Our next stop is down in Georgia to check in with NWA Atlanta.

On Sunday, March 29, 2015 Alicia Stockton reported on the NWA Atlanta card, Fatal Encounter, in Stockbridge, Georgia on March 28.

“The show began with a loving tribute, a 10 bell salute honoring the memory of “Wildchild” Joey Kidman who passed away on March 23.

Match 1: Zach Daniels and Chad Silva vs. The Young Lions (Lex Lee and Kevin Coffman) for the NWA GA Tag Team Championship

Winners: The Young Lions

Match rating: 4 out of 5

There was a fan who thought it was clever to bring a megaphone to yell insults at the heels. It was unpleasant and distracting. The wrestlers worked their asses off to get the show off the ground, and their hard work went largely unappreciated by a crowd who were distracted by the noise. The Lions won it, and they received a post-match beatdown from Daniels and Silva.

Match 2: Nigel Sherrod vs. Shane Marx

Winner: Shane Marx

Match Rating: 5 out of 5

Sherrod began the match by acting like a coward. Every time Marx would move towards him, he’d exit the ring. Marx dominated once the match truly began. Marx elbowed Sherrod in the corner, and Sherrod fell like a tree. Marx followed up with a scoop slam. Sherrod countered Marx’s advances with a powerbomb. Marx followed with a perfectplex. Marx won the match with Natural Selection. The match was absolutely brilliant, and it woke up the crowd.

Match 3: Iceberg vs. Odinson

Winner: Double Countout

Match Rating 3 out of 5

Odinson kept trying in vain to suplex Iceberg at various points throughout the match. It seemed silly to me because Iceberg looks twice his size. There was another point where Iceberg looked like he was showing his size and power, but Odinson hit him and knocked him out of the ring. Iceberg hit Odinson with a blatant dropkick to the crotch, which the referee probably should have caught, but it didn’t result in a disqualification. The wrestlers took their fight into the bleachers and the match ended in a double countout. They fought all the way back into the locker room.

Match 4: Simon Sermon vs. Tommy Too Much for the NWA Atlanta Heavyweight Championship

Winner: Tommy Too Much (DQ win)

Match Rating 4 out of 5

Simon Sermon came out like a man possessed. He beat up Tommy Too Much’s ringside companions upon entry, and went after Too Much himself who exited the ring several times to avoid Sermon’s wrath. Sermon hit Too Much in the crotch with a metal rod forcing the match to end in disqualification. Sermon retained the championship, and they will face each other on April 11th in a no disqualification match.

Match 5: Kyle Matthews vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Fry Daddy for the NWA GA Junior Heavyweight Championship

Winner: Fry Daddy

Match Rating 5 out of 5

My pick for Match of the Night.

During the first portion of the match, Matthews and Rave kept Fry Daddy out of the ring. Matthews had control. He worked the hell out of Rave, and Rave sold the hell out of his offense. It was true beauty. Both Matthews and Rave deliver a higher caliber of in ring work than many independent wrestlers in the state, and it is a true pleasure to watch either of them work. Fry Daddy is a solid crowd favorite in NWA Atlanta, and he holds that audience in the palm of his hand. Every time Fry Daddy tried to reenter the ring, one of his opponents kicked him back out. Finally Rave pulled him back in and worked his neck. Matthews put Rave in a boston crab, but Rave got the rope. Matthews locked Rave into a beautiful bridge submission, but Rave got the rope. Fry Daddy took down both Matthews and Rave. Fry Daddy then hit Matthews with a spinebuster, but only managed a two count. Rave countered Fry Daddy’s offense into a crossface attempt. Fry Daddy won the match with a neckbreaker. Fry Daddy and Matthews shook hands after the match in a sign of mutual respect. All three men worked their hardest to deliver a match that made me happy I attend independent wrestling shows. It was a true work of art.

The Main Event: Bill the Butcher and Pain vs. Tyson Dean and Andy Anderson for the NWA Southern Tag Team Championship. (Steel Cage Match)

Rating 3 out of 5

Winners: Tyson Dean and Andy Anderson

The only way to win this match was by either pinfall or submission. I found it odd that escape wasn’t an option, but that was made clear later in the match. I found myself slightly bored at the beginning of the match, but I think it was because I was still coming down from the greatness of the previous match. The match contained an interesting twist. Bill the Butcher went to hit his opponent, but instead hit Pain. Pain and Butcher got into a fight, and Black Widow opened the door to the cage allowing Bill The Butcher to abandon his partner to be curbstomped by Anderson and Dean. Anderson and Dean retained their belts. Pain was so angered by the actions of his partner he attacked the referee postmatch.

Though only about 100 fans attended this show, it was one of the best NWA Atlanta shows I’ve personally attended. NWA Atlanta will be back in Locust Grove, GA on April 11th.”

NWA Atlanta followed up Fatal Encounter on April 11th in Locust Grove, Georgia at the Metro Auction Center. NWA Georgia Junior Heavyweight Champion, Fry Daddy got the victory over “As Seen on TV” Nigel Sherrod. Completely Awesome, Zack Daniels and Chad Silva beat the NWA Georgia Tag Team Champions, The Young Lions, Lex Lee and Kevin Coffman. Tommy Too Much (w/Head of Too Much Security) defeated Simon Sermon in a no DQ falls count anywhere match to win the NWA Atlanta Heavyweight championship after Tommy Too Much and the Head of Too Much Security handcuffed Simon Sermon and hit him with two spike piledrivers. Former TNA star and NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Jimmy Rave with the win over ECW’s Sal Rinauro by submission. “The Revelation” Shane Marx won the Mega Rumble to earn the right to face any NWA Atlanta champion he chooses. The order of elimination was: Jimmy Rave, Zach Daniels, Chad Silva, Jake Hughes, Fry Daddy, Pain, Bill the Butcher, Nigel Sherrod and Sal Rinauro. After the match, Shane Marx announced that he will be challenging Tyson Dean for the NWA Georgia Heavyweight championship on April 25.

Tyson Dean represented NWA Atlanta all over the country recently, attending the Cauliflower Alley Club, which was April 13-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over in Peachstate Wrestling Alliance he defended the Heavyweight Championionship, defeating Jimmy Rave on April 18th to retain the title. Visit their site at

NWA Atlanta was at the Metro Auction Center in Locust Grove, GA on April 25th and advertised Tyson Dean defends the NWA Georgia Heavyweight championship against “The Revelation” Shane Marx, but Odinson walked out the new champ when Marx suffered an injury, reportedly a sprain! Bill the Butcher vs. Pain also was on the card.
Apr 25, 2015The Revelation Watch Shane Marx seconded by DeWitt Dawson takes on NWA Georgia Champion, “The Dream” Tyson Dean with Al Getz at

To get tickets for NWA Atlanta events call 6788734010. And for all the latest wrestling news in Georgia and the rest of the Deep South, check out

Around Elite.

Now we are going to venture over to Louisiana to check in with NWA Elite. First, lets take a look at the results from NWA Elite Championship Wrestling on March 28th at the Grand Caillou Recreation Center.
Gearing up for his NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title match in Las Vegas, Steve Anthony defeated one of the NWA’s best, Andy Dalton. NWA Elite Tag Team Champion, Ryan Oshun with his tag team partner, Frankie Thomas and Miss Brittany Lynn got the win over John Saxon. Top junior heavyweight contender, Americos defeated Lucha Lacura. NWA Elite Tag Team Champion, Frankie Thomas with co-champion, Ryan Oshun and Miss Brittany Lynn defeated Xtian Blake. And finally, Stan Sweetan went over on Trucker Jones.

NWA Elite Championship Wrestling returned to Houma, Louisiana at the East Park Recreation Center on April 19th. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Steve Anthony defeated another of the hottest wrestlers in the NWA, Ray Rowe. “The Prettiest Manager in Wrestling” Prince Travion’s client, Purple Haze got the victory over John Saxon with a title shot on the line against Steve Anthony for his NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship on May 17th. The Nightmare Known as Jeremiah replaced Andy Dalton, who suffered a illiposa tendon injury the night before, commonly caused by repeatedly thrusting one’s hips, and was victorious over “Gamechanger” Xtian Blake in a taped fist match. When asked about why Dalton didn’t compete Xtian Blake replied, “Was there anyone suprised, after weeks and weeks of promoting this fight, that Dalton would find a way to manipulate the system? When its time to face the music and be a man for his actions, he pulls this “I got a boo boo and I’m not medically cleared” bull crap to opt out of the match that not only I WANTED but that the great wrestling city of Houma wanted! Whether it was his blood and/or my blood, the fans have followed this since day one, and deserved to see a fight!” Mr. Blake asked that I add #DieDaltonDie at the end of his quote. When advised of Mr. Blake’s comments and the common cause of the injury Mr. Dalton had no comment on the injury and stated, “No way I’m dying anytime, soon”. Due to the nature of the injury, Mr. Dalton may have to avoid anything involving thrusting of the hips for a number of evenings. I wish him a speedy recovery. Another of Tavion’s recent acquisitions, Scott Phoenix lost by DQ to Shane Taylor. Team Roll Tide, Frankie Thomas and Ryan Oshun with Miss Brittany defeated the Superfriends, Mustang Mike and Stan Sweetan, retaining the NWA Elite Tag Team Championships. The night before “TheRainmaker” Ryan Oshun won the New Heights Wrestling Heavyweight Title from Mike Facen in Panama City, Florida.

On Saturday, April 24th, NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Steve Anthony, Stan Sweetan and Xtian Blake appeared at the 2015 Relay for Life fund raising event for the American Cancer Society at the Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center. Good job, gentlemen!

Elite Championship Wrestling announced on social media the following:

“”Join the Uprising” on May 17th when NWA-Elite Championship Wrestling returns to the East Park Recreation Center in Houma, LA!

NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship – Anthony VS Purple Haze
NWA-Elite Heavyweight Championship – Xtian Blake VS Vordell Walker
John Saxon VS Scott Phoenix
Team Roll Tide – Ryan Oshun, Frankie Thomas & Trucker Jones VS The Superfriends – Stan Sweetan, Americos, & Mustang Mike
Andy Dalton, Nightmare Known as Jeremiah and more!”

Mark Chervinsky made a wrestling documentary titled “At What Cost?” The film features NWA Elite stars John Saxon and Sigmon and premiered at the Syracuse International Film Festival’s Spring Fest Saturday, April 25th. Mr. Chervinsky worked on “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels” and “Biggest Loser”. Read about the film at:

Tickets for NWA Elite events are available at or call 985-262-9789!

Around SAW.

Our next stop on our tour of the Alliance is in Tennessee with Southern All-Star Wrestling where Slamfest 2015 on April 4, in Sparta, Tennessee, at the White County Fairgrounds, sold out with 800 fans in attendance! Two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, “The Ironman” Rob Conway teamed with recent NWA MidSouth Hall of Champions inductee, Tracy Smothers and faced former NWA Heritage Champion, X-Pac and Class of 2006, NWA Hall of Famer, Ricky Morton. Watch the Slamfest preview, featuring NWA Unified North American/National Heavyweight Champion, Jax Dane versus Hammerjack at:

And you can watch the April 19th episode of SAW TV at:

Around Bayou.

Let’s stop in and take a look at NWA Bayou Independent Wrestling in Mississippi and Louisiana where on March 21st, in Brookhaven, Mississippi they presented a card featuring then-NWA North American Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm in a taped fist match against John Saxon. Mr. Saxon was bloodied during the match and the was attacked afterwards by Rodney Mack, who used a chain to leave him laying. The Legion got the win over The Washington Bullets, Trey and Jon Williams, and NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion, Vordell Walker. After the match The Legion tried putting the champ through a table, but failed. This led to Mr. Walker challenging Gregory James to a table match on June 19th. Watch as The Washington Bullets save the champ at:
Also on the card, Moonshine Mantell got the win over Danny Ramons. Rodney Mack won his match against Texas Red.
Joey Garcia got the victory over Frankie Thomas with a little outside interference from a sponsor. And, Barrett Brown and Apoc with the victory over Andy Dalton and Steve Anthony.

You can watch BIW stars Ricky Starks and Ryan Oshun go at it via Bodyslam Media Productions at:

On May 6th, in Brookhaven, Mississippi, BIW presents Youth Night at the Lincoln County Multi Purpose, featuring Ted DiBiase, a main event of John Saxon facing Jeremiah, a Deep South Heritage Title match with Andy Dalton defending against Moonshine Mantell, Apocalypse facing Rodney Mack, Franco D’ Angelo Versus Justin Cooley, and Jeremy Young versus an opponent to be named later

On May 9th, in Alexandria, Louisiana, watch the stars of the NWA as they clad at “Warrior’s Lesson”. In a match for the BIW Southern Title, former NWA North American Champion, Tim Storm will try to wrestle the championship from Vordell Walker. Storm’s stablemates from The Empire, NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Steve Anthony faces Ray Rowe in a rematch of their recent spectacular match at NWA Elite. John Saxon faces Rodney Mack. Also on the card, Apocalypse versus Scott Murdoch,
Scott Mckenzie versus Frankie Thomas, Moonshine Mantell against Gregory James, for the Deep South Heritage title Barrett Brown tries taking the title from Andy Dalton.

On June 19th, in Brookhaven, Mississippi, BIW presents, “The Ultimate Price” featuring John Saxon taking on Frankie Thomas, BIW Tag Title Match, The Washington Bullets challenge The Legion,Tadlock and Jeremiah,Apocalypse versus Steve Anthony, Rodney Mack versus Moonshine Mantell,
Deep South Heritage Title Match, Barrett Brown challenges the champion, Andy Dalton, a Southern Title Match/Tables Match featuring Gregory James and the champ, Vordell Walker. All this takes place at the SAI Convention Center. Call Josh Newell 318.355.1301 for ticket information!

Around Mid Atlantic

Next, we cruise on over to southern West Virginia where NWA Mid Atlantic has 5 shows coming up! Follow them on Facebook for more information!

Around Supreme.

Alliance Wrestling is happy to welcome NWA Supreme to the National Wrestling Alliance! They announced their membership via social media on April 6th. Shawn Sands is the promoter and they regularly put on shows in Madison, Seymour, North Vernon, Clarksville, and Versailles, all in Indiana. They used to be known as Supreme Championship Wrestling and before that American Wrestling All-Stars Supreme and even earlier in their history South Central Wrestling. Eric Draven has been their most prolific champion, while Koko B. Ware was their most famous.

On April 4th, in Madison, Indiana, NWA Supreme presented a card to a standing room only crowd! They started the show with a 10 bell salute to former ring announcer, Kenny Hensley aka Brett Morris who recently passed away following a brave battle with cancer and strokes. The opening match was a 16 man battle royal with Spazz emerging victorious. Van Martigan defeated Tristan Roe. Drew Dillinger pinned Petey Young following a spear. Johnny Justice with the victory over The Blackheart. Moondog Bane won against NWA Supreme Champion, The Texas Outlaw by countout. Andrew Mass with a DQ victory over Christian Skyfire when Skyfire was caught using a chain. Spazz and Eric Draven defeated O’Neill Enterprises, Jimmie Owens and Billy Mattern, by pinfall when Draven hit The Seattle Side-Kick on Owens.

On April 18th, 2 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, RobConway headlined the NWA Supreme show! Conway is a former Supreme Heavyweight Champion.

On May 15th, at Shawe Memorial High School in Madison, Indiana, NWA Supreme is presenting a big card! The ladies of the NWA will be represented when Hayley Shadows faces Lexi Green. Last week, the 350 pound monster, Drew Dillinger, assaulted newcomer, El Cardinal, in an attempt to make a statement, claiming the promotion is overlooking him. Owner, Jeremy Bevins responded by announcing The Texas Outlaw defends The Supreme Championship against the big man, Drew Dillanger. One half of the NWA Supreme Tag Team Champions, Eric Draven will face former World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Conway with the winner becoming Supreme’s top contender to the NWA World Championship.

Coming up on May 22nd, NWA Supreme will present Supershine Showdown. Check out for details.

On Saturday, April 24th, NWA Supreme fans saw Billy Mattern beat Matt Atreya and Christian Skyfire with a curb stomp. Johnny Strattlin got the win over The Paparazi after hitting a belly to belly suplex. Johnny Justice and NWA Supreme Heavyweight Champion, The Texas Outlaw faced B.A.D and both teams ended up being counted out. Former NWA Champ, Rob Conway pinned the monstrous Drew Dillinger with a school boy. Eric Draven and Spazz got the victory over The BlackHearts following superkick and were crowned the NWA Supreme Tag Team Champions in the main event!

To wrap things up in Indiana, here are the NWA Supreme rankings as posted on their website.
NWA Supreme Champion:
The Texas Outlaw
368lbs from Brady Texas

NWA Open Door Champion:
Dave Hovak
244lbs from Sin City NV

1.) Yukon Mike
289lbs from The Yukon Territory

2.) “Custom Made” Eric Draven
219lbs from Madison IN

3.) Jimmie Owens
189lbs from New Albany IN

4.) Moondog Bane
261lbs from Devil Swamp Mississippi

5.) Johnny Justice
255lbs from Cobb County Georgia

6.) JMO Jesse Morris
306lbs from Louisville KY

7.) Spazz
234lbs from Hanover IN

8.) Dash Venture
261lbs from Greyskull Washington

9.) Andrew Mass
319lbs from Pittsburgh PA

10.) Billy Mattern
164lbs from Chicago IL

NWA SupremeTag Team

NWA Supreme Tag
Team Champions:

Eric Draven & Spazz

1.) The Blackhearts

2.) Big n’ Tasty

3.) Billy Mattern & Liam Misserable

4.) Yukon Mike & Chris Morris

5.) Jimmie Owens & Jmo

6.) Paparazzi

7.) Christian Skyfire & Tristan Roe

8.) Moondog Bane & Wildcat Wilkerson

9.) Johnny Justice & Blue Beetle

10.) The Dragons

Around RAGE.

Our next checkpoint in our tour of the NWA is in North Carolina with NWA RAGE. It was a rough few weeks for these guys, with scheduling issues and April Fool’s jokes that resulted in the lose of a champion. The April 11th show was rescheduled for the 18th due to “circumstances beyond our control”. NWA R.A.G.E. X occurred on April18th at the National Guard Armory in Louisburg, North Carolina, and was sponsored by NWA Continental Champion, William Huckaby retained the title against DA Assassin. Joe Black pinned Nemesis. Redman lost to Vinnie Vain. Beau Crockett got the DQ victory over NOS. J-Swagg got the pinfall over Sgt. Small. This was a WHIG TV taping!

On April 1st, NWA RAGE announced on social media the following: “April Fools!
It is with deep regret that Management at NWA R.A.G.E. has the unfortunate duty to report:
Affective on 04-01-2015 at 12:01am EST
NWA Continental Champion William Huckaby is leaving the Company and Retiring from Wrestling. The Champ informed R.A.G.E. outgoing CEO Louis Shrader of his decision just before WrestleMania Kickoff on Sunday evening, “He is going to pursue his Life Long Dream of becoming a Longshoreman and work on the Docks in New Jersey,” Shrader was quoted as saying. Shrader went on further to say, “We want nothing but Happiness and Success for Will …and… we wish him Well in All of his Future Endeavors.” All fans are Encouraged to Contact William Huckaby thru text, email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to send Well wishes. Although interest is pouring in from all over,
No announcement has been made yet with Regards to
the Now Vacated Continental Championship. An inside source, that wished to remain anonymous, stated, “…oh yeah, Interest is coming in from all over. Wiley Coyote, Uncle Sam, Santa, and even the Easter Bunny contacted Booking wanting to get a shot at the Belt….that line is getting Longer by the Minute” R.A.G.E. will keep the fans Updated on this Situation tomorrow.” William Huckaby, answered on social media, “Although Vinnie and Louis Shrader are Assholes for this status, the announcement is true.” He went on to say, “Although some people may think it’s funny and make a joke of it, it is true. Due to in injury I sustained in a match at PWX, I have to take time away from wrestling. I have to have surgery to repair a neck injury I received from a botched suplex during training 4 years ago. The time I will be taking off I will use to also rehabilitate a nagging groin injury. (No people, I’m not going fishing). Being an NWA Champion was always a childhood dream of mine, since I saw Arn Anderson on Saturday night’s at 6:05pm. I have done everything I can to uphold the standards of past Continental Champions like Barbarian, Shorty Smalls, King Kong Bundy, Preston Quinn, and others. I have defended it in several states and promotions. And so with that being said, let’s make it official: Effective as of today, I step down as the NWA Continental Champion.
Thank you all for understanding and I PROMISE you I will return to not only NWA RAGE, but the NWA better and stronger. Please keep my family and I in your thoughts and prayers as we go along this difficult journey.” It turns out it was an April Fool’s joke, of questionable taste, as Huckaby defended the title on April 18th.

NWA RAGE wants to help out. Their friend,Colby Primeaux, over in Texas, asks that you help with burial costs for his grandmother. Go help out at

Around Midwest.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on over in Ohio with NWA Midwest who had Countdown to Insurrection Part 2 on March 21st in Marion, Ohio. War Machine Williams got the win over Eddie Excess. Pit Bull Ganger picks up the victory over Conor Claxton. Joshua Singh beat Dirty Tom. Malice and Joe Bruiser brawler after Bruiser man handled announcer, Anthony Fosnaugh. The question of who is the #1 contender in the tag team division is still up in the air after L33T and The Bearded Dragons ended in a draw after a double tap out. When the ladies faced off Haily Rose walked away victorious over Brittany Blake. In the main event the fans saw Renzo Lavell and Brandon Xavier defeat Bruiser Schmidt and NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion, Seth Allen. Watch highlights at

NWA Midwest returned to action on April 4th as they presented Insurrection, from the USW Hall in Marion, Ohio. Malice battled Joe Bruizer, with Bruizer being taken away in a body bag! Bruiser Schmidt took on Brandon Xavier and made him say, “I Quit!” Owen Travers went one on one with “The Real Man” Bryen Douglas. War Machine Williams battled former NWA National Heavyweight Champion, “The Problem Solver” Phil ‘Nitro’ Monahan.
Samantha Heights NWA-MCW Women’s Champion Kaela for the Championship when Kyle Maverick powerbombed the champ.
Citywide Champion Graham Wellington put his title on the line against Joshua Singh. Tag Team Champions Iron Generation defended their titles successfully against L33T & The Bearded Dragons in a Tag Team Elimination Match. Former Champion “The Baddest Pitbull In The Yard” Renzo Lavell challenged NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion “The Impact Player” Seth Allen for the Championship and was ousted from the Goon Squad in the end. And the best part is you can own it all on DVD for $15! Go to to purchase it now!

Find out the fallout from Insurrection at Breaking Point: Revelations, Live! It’s May 9th, at the USW Hall in Marion, Ohio. Bell Time 7 PM. Tickets are only $8 and are available at Replays Gameware or you can get them for $12 at the door. Scheduled to appear are Heavyweight Champion, Seth Allen, Tag Team Champions, Generation Iron, Citywide Champion, Graham Wellington, Women’s Champion, Samantha Heights, “The Truth” Timmy Townsend, Ganger, L33T, Bruiser Schmidt, Dirty Tom, Broderick Shaw, James Alexander, Malice, Twisted, and Kyle Maverick!

You can watch” Down for the Count” with Anthony Fosnaugh and Jimmy McDowell, Episode 12 at for the latest on the hottest independent wrestling in Ohio.

Around Signature Pro.

Signature Pro Wrestling represents the NWA in Florida and their talent was over big time at the 50th anniversary of The Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 13 th through the 15th. La Rosa Negra won the Luna Vachon Lunacy Cup, former NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion, Wes Brisco was there and won the Future Legends Award (the second year in a row that a Florida wrestler won with Santanna Garrett winning it in 2014, former NWA Triple Crown winner, Tokyo Monster Kahagas won the Cauliflower Alley Cup, NWA Women’s Champion, Santana Garrett defended the title and Andrea had a dominant appearance in her match. Don’t overlook Signature Pro, they are a high quality promotion with some of the best talent in the world!

Here is your Around the Alliance Top Ten.
1. Steve Anthony, NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion.
2. John Saxon.
3. Andy Dalton, NWA Deep South Heritage Champion.
4. Frankie Thomas, NWA Elite Tag Team Champion.
5. Ryan Oshun, NWA Elite Tag Team Champion.
6. Eric Draven, NWA Supreme Tag Team Champion.
7. Vordell Walker, NWA Elite Heavyweight Champion and NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion.
8. Tyson Dean, NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion and NWA Southern Tag Team Champion.
9. Spazz, NWA Supreme Tag Team Champion.
10. Rodney Mack.
These are the guys I personally want to see get a shot at Tenzan, Jax Dane and The Killer Elite Squad’s titles.
Well, that’s it for this edition of “Around the Alliance”! Before you go, please visit this link and help the fight to prevent suicide.

Thank you! As Ed Whalen used to say “in the mean time and in between time, so long!”

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