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Lost in the excitement of the crowing of a New Worlds Heavyweight Champion, was another title change. Powered by the words of one of his dear best friends, Anthony Mayweather got the Win. On Saturday night, February 12th, at NWA’s POWERRR TRIP, Mayweather won, when it meant the most. In a match against Chris Adonis, Mayweather was able to win the NWA National Championship.

Mayweather in the NWA

Under the name of Tommy Mercer, Mayweather won the NWA Mid-American Television Championship. Some 11 years ago, Mayweather would compete for NWA Affiliated promotions across Tennesee. Mike Sircy’s NWA Top Rope, Mike Porter’s NWA Main Event, are just a few places Mayweather got his start. It was around this time Anthony Mayweather would start getting bookings for TNA Wrestling. This is also where he would become friends with Nick Aldis. In 2013, while still appearing for TNA, Mayweather defeated Hot Rod Biggs to win the NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. NWA SAW being the Millersville, Tennessee promotion.

Mayweather had been somewhat of a rudderless ship, since the breakup, of the War Kings. Many had anticipated the duo would become future World Tag Team Champions. However, after weeks of Jax Dane and Mayweather not being able to get on the same page, the pair turned on each other. Even battling in a steal cage at NWA’s By Any Means Necessary. In recent weeks, Dane has filed a law suit and restraining order against his former partner.

Adonis as National Champion

Chris Adonis is a two-time NWA National Champion. Having defeated an injured Trevor Murdoch to capture the title. While Aldis was still calling the shots in Strictly Business, he convinced Adonis to give up his title. By giving up the National Championship, Adonis was able to enter a battle royal to crown a new number one contender. Things didn’t work out in the best interest for Strictly Business.

Adonis would regain the title in a very mild National Championship Tournament, that saw him defeat JTG with the Master Lock. Unlike his first reign as champion, Adonis defended his title. He defeated James Storm at the NWA 73rd and against Judais at Hard Times 2. Adonis also defended the title two times out of the NWA at IWC and Ohio Valley. It had become quite comical that Adonis hadn’t defended his championship regularly. So much so, that May Valentine had asked him twice about that on NWA USA.

The NWA National Championship

The National Championship is the perianal number one contender to the Ten Pounds of Gold. The title was reintroduced to the NWA on October 21st, 2018, at the 70th Anniversary Show. Since then, there have been seven men to wear the title. Willie Mack, Colt Cabana, James Storm, Aron Stevens, Trevor Murdoch, and Chris Adonis paved the way for Anthony Mayweather. More than likely the title will be defended Crockett Cup Weekend over the two-day Pay Per View.

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