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The NWA National Championship was reintroduced at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show. Willie Mack defeated Dexter Limus in the tournament finals to become the Champion. Mack’s goals were lofty. To defend the title all over the country. Having defended in five states and one in Canada. His final defense was in North Carolina (where he lost it). Since then, 7 more men, would win the National Championship. Cyon would win the title during the Anniversary Show PPV. It would appear Cyon’s desires match Mack’s, to defend the championship everywhere.

Cyon is an NWA Champion

When Cyon made his debut in the NWA some 14 months ago, his aim was clear. He would be an NWA Champion. Although his initial target was the TV Championship, he would make overtures at the National Championship. Through his encounters, Cyon would become a thorn in the side of Idolmania Sports Management. Although often tasked with teaming with Jordan Clearwater on occasion, more often than not, he found himself on the opposite side of the ring. His efforts to take Tyrus’s Television Championship. At Hard Times 2, Cyon lost to Tyrus in a No DQ Match. His efforts to earn a re-match included challenging Clearwater and Marshe Rocket in a Handicap Match and the Slam Challenge. Both efforts were unsuccessful. After a series of victories, the former enemy of Idolmania became an ally. When he revealed that he was the son of Austin Idol. Cyon earned his shot at the National Championship by defeating Rodney Mack. Cyon captured the National Championship at the 74th Anniversary Show defeating Jax Dane.

A Defending Champion

Less than 24 hours after capturing his first NWA Championship, he had to defend. Former Champion, Anthony Mayweather challenged for the title. On Thursday, September 1st he’d defend the title for the first time outside of the NWA. Chris Adonis was the last National Champion to defend outside of the NWA. Cyon would face Yabo the Clown at Ego Pro Wrestling. The next night he would face off against Joe Alonzo at the Wrestling Showcase Pre-Show.

Cyon has made it clear his intention to defend the title everywhere. With “… Missouri and Louisiana are up next for outside NWA National title defenses.” He’s also applied pressure to Konan showing his interest in defending the title in Mexico with AAA.

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