An idea: NWA-Global Force

While it remains unclear as to whether or not NWA territories will be revived under Corgan. I do think the NWA needs a weekly show on YouTube or Fite. Jeff Jarrett has been working with Corgan’s NWA for a decent amount of time. So, why not make use of his Global Force brand? One of the bonuses would be Jeff Jarrett’s affiliation with Lucha Libre AAA. Top talent from Mexico could be brought into the NWA via Jeff Jarrett.

I get the impression that, the NWA is going the traveling champions route. But why not have a show for wrestling fans to watch, after you caught there eye? The NWA World Champion just had an excellent match, and now the fans are craving more. A one hour program filmed in Memphis, Tennessee would do the trick. It wouldn’t interfere with the current model that, the  NWA currently has laid out. The champions would still defend their titles allover the world, and the NWA would remain fresh in the minds of fans.

The weekly show would also be useful, in hyping up appearances by the champions. Which would generate more ticket sales for the promotion hosting an NWA title defense. NWA Global Force would feature talent from the UK, Japan, Mexico, India, and Puerto Rico. So, it stays true to the name “Global Force”.  I’m sure that, the return of NWA affiliated tv tapings would be well received by all.

While GFW did not succeed as an independent promotion, it could do well as an in-studio product for the National Wrestling Alliance. Jeff Jarrett was correct to say that a wrestling boom was coming. It’s just that GFW was not meant to be the leader of this wrestling revolution. Jarrett did an excellent job getting cross-promotional deals with various promotions for GFW. I think, this talent would be better suited for an in-studio wrestling product. He could benefit the NWA greatly in this regard. “GFW Presents” is the path that, he reluctantly accepted for his new company. But it doesn’t have to be the fate of his idea, there’s another way. The NWA was there for you in 2002, and it can be here for you in 2018.


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