Alliance Radio joins the Revolucion with Pro Wrestling Revolution Promoter Gabe Ramirez

Pro Wrestling Revolution Promoter Gabriel Ramirez joins Alliance-Radio June 15th 7PM EDT 4PM PDT

Gabe Ramirez has made it his priority to re-introduce the world of wrestling to traditional Lucha Libre, one Pro Wrestling Revolution show at a time.  If you haven’t heard of the Revolution, you will soon enough.  In its brief existence, Pro Wrestling Revolution has had tours in Portugal, its Women Championship defended all over Mexico, its wrestlers heavily featured on the NWA Showcase, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, and Total Non-Stop Action.  Pro Wrestling Revolution was recently designated a Lucha Libre Talent Scout for World Wrestling Entertainment.  But that isn’t all, Pro Wrestling Revolution recently has partnered with Mask Republic on their Viva La Lucha Pay Per View Series and to top that, recently announced a new web series entitled Uprising.
But this Tuesday, Alliance Radio joins the Revolucion as we welcome Gabe Ramirez to the show.  Gabe will be talking about the beginnings of Pro Wrestling Revolution, the controversy of El Hijo De Rey Misterio, Putting on a Show with the San Francisco Giants, Becoming the Official Lucha Libre Talent Scouts for the WWE, the Viva La Lucha Pay Per View, and Uprising the new web series.  Plus, we’ll be taking your calls. 
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